CA PETH ethics exam

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    I have taken two tests already. They were totally different questions. But I received emails from Calcpa to tell me which questions I did wrong and what the wrong answers are. Is this new? Because my friend told me they did not tell her which questions she did wrong when she took the exam a year ago. And she just saw two different sets of tests. Is there anyone take the exam recently? Is the third attempt will be a totally different one?



    It's new.



    I'm not usually a complainer. But the ca ethics exam was way over the top difficult. Once u get about 6 or 7 tries in u realize u wished u lived in another state.



    make sure you keep track of your old answers in a word document for your personal reference. Good luck!



    I was able to pass all my CPA exams on the first try……. except CA ethics exam…..

    +1 on keeping a word doc on what you missed.



    @mrcpa511. so do I. Passed the CPA exams at my first attempt. Three times to pass this ethic exam. Now…Finally…Pass it.



    I'll add a third amen to the word document/spreadsheet to track all your previous answers. I also documented the page number and paragraph that I obtained all those answers from so I could easily go back and recheck the source.

    Passed it on my 3rd try after hours of studying out the answers.


    Kel Kel Kel

    I took the CA exam about 6 months ago and they did not send me an email regarding missed questions. . You can open the exam, print the questions, and then exit the exam without submitting. This way, you can research the questions. I wrote the page number from the book where I got answer near each question if I wanted to double check my answer. I passed on the first try, but took my time with the exam since I had the test printed out.



    I am currently studying to take the CA Ethics Exam (out of state CPA working to get licensed in CA). Are the exam questions identical to the questions in the study guide?



    I am F PISSED!! I just took my 2nd PETH exam w/ CalCPA and I missed passing by 1 Question (got 6 /50 wrong). I reviewed all 6 questions and realized that:
    -1 was careless mistake, I clicked on the wrong one – (costly mistake)
    -1 was tricky and quite deceptive in the way they word the answer.
    -3 were OUT RIGHT BULLSHIT and I have responded each of the 3 questions point-by-point and filing a “protest” on the grading of the 3.

    I will keep you guys posted on the protest result. In the meanwhile, I have to take the 3rd test from them. I a pissed because the PETH exam is extremely time consuming and tricky. While I can't pin my hopes on the protest, it is my hope that others can/will benefit from my actions.





    Hi YokoBee, how did the result turn out? and how long did it take to get the final verdict? I got 88% on my third attempt and strongly believed that something is wrong with grading. What step should I take to initiate the protest process? Thanks!



    The CA ethic exam is a nightmare. I was able to pass it on my 3rd attempt. The question are not straight forward at all. There are a lot of curve ball answer when you think you know the answer. Sometimes, the first part of the question is to TRICK you, giving you major info when in fact, the second part of it was the most important part.

    My advice is the same as everyone else. First, keep word document of all the questions and answer you did, and when you get the email, see and modify your answers on word document. Second, sleep on the answer when you are done. Don't submit it and use another another or two the next day to verify it. A fresh pair of eyes will help to eliminate one or two answer. Third, if you failed two times, take a day off, don't rush the third attempt. You will try to hang yourself for rushing it. Take a Break and attempt it with a fresh mind set.

    All Exam Done - FAR 86, BEC 82, REG 86, AUD 78
    CA Ethics Passed - July 16


    I passed the CA Ethics exam on the first attempt. What I did is similar to Kel Kel Kel's method. I open the exam, print it out, and log out (without submitting). Next, I go over each question on the CA ethics exam and took notes on what's the main idea and key words. Then, I print out the entire CA Ethics Material (I got the PDF version) just so I have something on hand to clearly look over important information. Then, I went over the CA Ethics materials to find the information that ties with each question on the CA Ethics exam and write down the page numbers and annotate the areas to go back to and review. Once I got all the answers I've needed, I went back to the website to take the Ethics test, select my answers, and I'm done.

    Note: I took my time with this, so I can review my answers before submitting.

    FAR: 84
    AUD: 89
    REG: 84
    BEC: 84
    CA Ethics: Passed


    I had my first Ethics exam attempt just before Thanksgiving and got an 86. I finally passed on my second try with a 92 after the Holidays. I spent literally one entire Saturday on it (like 9am to 9pm). My passing strategy was to match the language from the pdf of the PETH book to the questions and answers being asked. I used the pdf highlighter tool and bookmarked all of the sections that I tied back to my answers. Remember, if the questions specifically uses the word “California” that means more than likely that the you need to locate the answer at the end of the pdf in the California Section. The answer should match the text from the pdf. If it does not, then use your best judgement. Good luck.



    Can I take the ethics exam ( California ) prior
    to passing all 4 sections?

    AUD - 78
    BEC - 85
    FAR - NINJA in Training
    REG - NINJA in Training
    AUD - 78

    BEC - Result: Test Date 02/28/2017

    REG - Result: Unscheduled

    FAR- Result: Unscheduled



    I have passed all the CPA exams first time through, but this PETH is kicking my butt. I printed off my exam and worked on it for days. Submitted it tonight – got an 86. I will keep my test answers with the pages noted as to where I found the answers for the next round.

    Do the question repeat on these exams? They are not the questions in the book, I checked that out. But after failing this a couple of times, I will have 100 questions with the correct answers collected by then. Will some of these get re-used, or is the topics of the questions what I am saving and making notes on (in which case I will make a lot more notes on)?

    Looking for a strategy to pass this stupid thing. I am pretty pissed – 5 questions were tricky, deceptive.

    Also, I get 3 trys on this. After that, can I go back to the board and ask for a free 4th attempt or will they automatically make me pay for another 3 attempts?



    I felt the Ethics exam was “trickier” ,especially in terms of the wording of the questions, but not necessarily harder than the CPA Exam. It almost felt like taking an exam on an “Expanded Version” of Becker Audit A6 Independence.







    Okay, a small trick. Sometimes you have to crtl + F the multiple choice answers that they give you to see if it's relevant to the question.

    BEC - 80 (Roger + NINJA MCQ + WTB)

    FAR - 72; 83 (Roger + NINJA MCQ)

    AUD - 83 (Roger + NINJA MCQ + WTB)

    REG - 52; 78 (Roger + NINJA MCQ)

    Ethics - 68, 96 (how I dislike you)
    This forum is more addictive than drugs. Still returning after licensure.



    I failed the first time I took it by one question because I entered an answer choice incorrectly from my hard copy into the electronic version…FML…I just got through it a second time but am reviewing before submitting. I'm scared to submit it knowing that I passed it the first time and shot myself in the foot..

    AUD - 96
    BEC - 86
    FAR - 76
    REG - 92
    PETH - 92
    Licensed in California




    Passed it on the second try with a 92%

    AUD - 96
    BEC - 86
    FAR - 76
    REG - 92
    PETH - 92
    Licensed in California




    I passed it this week on the second try with a 96%. That first test was a killer. They say the questions are pulled randomly by the computer – man, that thing was brutal. 2 of the questions the exam center came back with answers that were the answer I gave! So I wrote to the board about that (but no response).

    The second test I was able to look it all up and finish in 4 hours at work. I swear, half of it was gimmies. It was so easy compared to the first one it was a joke. No hidden tricks, no questions that would not make sense in English if the correct answer was chosen, no questions had contradictory answers in the books – a breeze. You just never know what questions you will get. And saving the first test did nothing for me on the second one.

    Glad it's done with. I was getting frustrated.



    Print off the test and log out. Fill everything out and CNTL F on every catch words (it takes a bit to learn what those are), then try to find the exact wording for the answers given. Don't take anything as a good choice because it's logical – look up absolutely everything. Not kidding here. You would be surprised how the answer choices changed one word from the exact phrase in the book – that meant ‘(E) all above' is no longer the right answer.

    I used the topic/regs index the most. Just take your time going through the index till you find it – cause it will be in that book somewhere. It really is a game of patience.

    Mark the page number, the reg number and the item/list number on the questions. Fill out the test on paper. Go home and get good sleep. Next day start the test over again. I caught another 3 mistakes the next day. One I just misinterpreted (tired?) and saw it totally different the next day. You have already invested hours by now, so make sure it's perfect before you hit the submit.

    Input your answers on the test. Go get a cup of coffee, hit the bathroom, stretch, come back and double check that you loaded the right letters to each question. Hit submit and pray.



    I finally, officially, got my life back today when I passed the PETH. I kept putting it off but was determined to get it done by the end of July.

    That thing is the worst. Yeah, it's open book, and while many questions were straightforward, a lot of them were ambiguous, vague, contradictory, and just poorly written. There were typos in the test questions and answer choices that made me gnash my teeth.

    I'm so happy to be totally done. Now I'll have to wait to see how long it takes for the CBA to process my completed licensure application.

    It took blood, sweat, tears, weight gain, and sleep deprivation.

    B - 82

    A - 74, 81

    R - 82

    F - 70, 80

    CA PETH - 92%

    Licensed in CA

    I can't believe it's finally over...



    I am transferring my license to CA from another state. The PETH is definitely brutal. I passed it at the first time and got 94%correct rate, but I literally spent 20-25 hours for this thing, which really made me feel I was backing to the old time of taking the exam. One tip here would be: if you think this ethical exam is easy, then you will lose for sure. But if you Show your respect and put your time and efforts to it, then you will pass for sure. All answers are from the book which you can literally locate them to.
    REG: 78
    FAR: 90
    AUD: 95
    BEC : 86



    @mamalu does it mean Ethic test is a must when you transfer license from other state to CA? It sounds like a nightmare…. even though I am still struggling with the CPA tests now.

    AUD - 77
    BEC - 89
    FAR - 91
    REG - 84
    I AM not DONE yet!!


    Is there a time limit in which after passing your exams you have to take the ethics exam?

    AUD - 86
    BEC - 81
    FAR - 80
    REG - 80
    They were on to something when they said do it right the first time..


    Hi, I am preparing to start my PETH. Does anyone know if I can keep doing this test as long as I would not submit? And can I still can come back after I sleep my computer for a couple of hours. Just need some hits on that. Thanks



    It saves every time you choose an answer. You could log out and come back in as many times as you need.

    AUD - 64, 80 Passed on 10/09/17

    BEC - 75 Passed on 12/09/17

    FAR - 69, 71, 73, 83 Passed on 06/10/18

    REG - 81 Passed on 09/10/17



    Thank you so much ~~ Have you finish this test?



    Yeah, it took me 2 weekends. I failed the first time.

    AUD - 64, 80 Passed on 10/09/17

    BEC - 75 Passed on 12/09/17

    FAR - 69, 71, 73, 83 Passed on 06/10/18

    REG - 81 Passed on 09/10/17

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