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    I have spent quite some time searching the forum and I come to the conclusion that CRAM is not really worth it unless you are a non-Roger review user and use his CRAM to benefit from his high energy presentation style. For a Roger subscriber it is condensed to 17 hours vs 40 for the full course so you can just watch the full course at 2x speed. Some people have said the test bank for Cram does not hold a candle to NINJA. I understand Yeager Cram just has someone read out of a book and write notes.

    NINJA MCQs are why I passed AUD and REG. I was trending around 70% for FAR but ended up with a 74 on the actual test so this will be my bank.

    For review with the NINJA notes my question is how much of the full review course stuff can you pick up with them?

    For example, the free demo bonds part is great but I did not find comprehensive JEs. YES these are NOTES and NOT a full course but I was wondering what percentage of the full course is boiled into the NINJA NOTES?

    Some people have claimed to just use the Roger Cram and pass FAR.

    Money is something I really don't care about spending if I can pass in Q2. I just don't want to think “if I had only gotten that review or those notes” later.

    I'm thinking to buy the NINJA NOTES, print, stick them in a binder, and reread the Roger book a chapter a night. I will write my own notes and rewrite NINJA all while doing MCQs at about 30-50 a day while taking notes on those as well.

    The greatest thing about the MCQs is how you pick up solid facts that are always true and can be applied to many areas. In FAR MCQ I picked up stuff like how the board of an non-profit restricting funds does not make them restricted for the purpose of reporting.

    Do the NINJA NOTES unlock stuff like that for you?

    People who have used them for FAR please post your experiences.

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    I'm a Roger user and also used Ninja as you can see below. The notes are great for reinforcing all the main concepts of each topic, but they don't go into too much detail. It does have some J/E's, but I don't think that's what they're meant for. Not sure how Roger's Cram is, but I really liked the notes and would read them whenever I had some free time at work or when I was out and had a few minutes to kill. I probably read them about 4 times, but I never wrote them like a lot of people do. If you commute to work or school I would get the audio since it is basically the same as the notes.

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    I see you both have used roger for BEC. Do you think the lectures are good enough? i do plan to get the NINJA notes and MCQs along.
    What is your take on it?


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    I do not know what percentage of a full course would be boiled down into Ninja notes, however I definitely do not regret buying them.

    I bought ninja notes for 3 parts (all except for BEC. I passed BEC before I knew they existed). I rewrote the notes a couple times and always reread the notes right before the exam (as in, sitting outside the Prometric building and reading or reading in the car).

    It is a great reinforcing tool. It was the tool I used to jog my memory before the exam. It wasn't really there to help me learn, rather keep what I have previously learned in my brain. In REG I forgot a few concepts here and there that I remembered right before the exam thanks to the notes. Lo' and behold, 2 of the questions on the exam was stuff I had previously forgotten that the notes jogged my memory on. Considering I passed with a 78, ninja notes could have been the difference between a pass and a fail.

    edit: On a side note, I also used Roger full course.

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    REG x2 - Passed
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    Roger lectures are great but he will fly through some things and not cover everything in the book. You must read the book and not depend on the lecture alone. The books are well written in medium size print so you do not get bogged down reading them. There were no surprises on any of the tests; everything that showed up for me was in the books.

    For BEC you have to know the details instead of having a general understanding.

    I think you have a great plan. I just got lucky and passed BEC without NINJA because I did not know about NINJA back then.

    The way NINJA explains each question is what makes the difference. All of the exams I passed I spent 70-80% of the time doing MCQs instead of reading and watching lectures.

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    FAR - 83
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    There is no point to get a Roger's CRAM when you are have the full course access

    Sorry Roger 🙂




    I found out Roger Cram has no test bank at all. Maybe it did at one time but his sales rep told me there are ZERO interactive questions online for Cram. Instead, the lecture walks through doing problems.

    With that said, I think Cram is not such a great deal. If they threw in the MCQs and SIMS test bank for the 2 months it would be worth it.

    My problem is that my subscription ends in 11 days and I did NINJA exclusively before to get my 74. Roger questions are easy in comparison but I wanted them to have exposure to new material. I do not qualify for the 6 month extension since I bought the $1695 pack. My employer will split the cost of all materials so I could buy FAR only for $350 out of pocket but IDK. The Wiley bank he uses is $150 from Wiley direct so I might go that route.

    For now I will use Roger MCQs for 11 days until it runs out, then NINJA again, and make a decision on what to do next.

    AUD - 83
    BEC - 77
    FAR - 83
    REG - 78
    Licensed TX CPA
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