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    Ughhh what a night mare.

    I got through the entire FAR exam with 5 minutes left to spare and actually thought I may had done pretty well. After my last sim I moved on to the survey. I ran through that in about 2 minutes and got to the comments screen, which I left blank and hit “finished”. That is when the computer froze on the load screen…

    Eventually the staff came over and ended up restarting the computer. Once we got into the testing software again it brought generated the first screen with your picture and prompt to enter your launch code. The staff had me enter the launch code and then the first screen that appeared was the prometric green screen you get at the end. The staff then told me the exam had transmitted. They gave me a phone number to call and told me to ask of they received my score (it was after 5 by the time this ordeal was finished). We will see…

    Has anyone had a similar issue? Does the software save after completion of each part? I really want to avoid taking FAR again if possible.

    Oh..and the new whiteboards weren't terrible.


    Oh boy thats awful. I took FAR last week, and my calculator kept freezing up, I was unable to close the calculator function during the SIMs. But my computer did not crash



    I had that issue too. At some point during the exam I realized that you can't close the calculator if you had a drop down menu of options open. You had to close the drop down then you could close the Calc. Do you know if that was the case for you?



    After you said “I had to enter my launch code again” I thought you were going to say that they made you sit for another 4 hours a re-take the exam



    Nah. I did feel pretty uncomfortable reentering a launch code though. I thought it was going to bring me a fresh exam.

    I also lose a section at the end of the month if I didnt pass this (and don't pass REG in 2 weeks). I don't know how that will work out.



    Something similar to this has happened every time I've taken the exam. I go through the survey, hit ‘end' or whatever it says, and it says something to the effect of ‘please wait a moment while we take you back to the home screen.' But it always stalls out and never goes anywhere. I just left it like that today and it took her a few minutes to get my printout, but it did process, so I just didn't worry about it. Your ordeal sounds a bit more disconcerting though.

    @chuckwildecpa: Yes, you have to click on the drop down menu and close it if you want to go back to navigating the calculator. I found that out today as well.

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