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    Does anyone know when I can expect to receive the Congratulatory letter from NASBA? Passed my last section on 5/23/19. I don't remember what mailing address they have on file for me. Is there anyway I can check the mailing address in the CPA Central? I did move once while in the middle of taking CPA exams.

    Thank you

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    Wow congrats! I think you should try calling them…

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    The mailing address is the same you had on your last NTS or on the Exam Score notice. If you need to change, CPA central has a form for change that needs to be emailed. Also, if you read through their portal, you will find the exact schedule when they send congratulatory letters to students who received their last scores on particular dates. I am curious, is there any use for this physically mailed congratulatory letter?

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    I found out that I passed my last section on 5/23/19. I sat for that exam on 5/15/19. I received the congratulatory letter in the mail on 6/1/19. The letter itself is dated 5/23/2019 but it still took 7 or 8 days to get to me apparently.

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    For CPAES States, the congratulatory letters are sent from NASBA, after your “file” has been sent to your state board. They wait to send the congratulatory letter so you don't start applying for licensure through your state board and they are like, “Have you even passed the exam?” For Non-CPAES candidates, the letters come directly from your state board of accountancy, so they would have to process it and mail it out. To check your mailing address using your most recent NTS to verify the address is really simple.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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