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    Hello fellow members,

    As I finally passed my exams, I'm going to be applying for the certificate AND license in the state of Connecticut. I'ts only $100 more for the initial license also but they get you with the renewals (A whopping $565 to renew the license compared to about $40 only to renew the certificate).

    Anyway, I wanted to know if there's any members who recently went through the process in CT and how their experience was including how long it took them. I believe the application is voted on by Board members at the Board of Accountancy.

    Looking forward to hearing from people and sifting through threads here!

    Best Regards.



    I've found the process to be a royal pain in the ass. Other people had this problem as well, so it's definitely not just me.

    The board (technically, we don't even have a licensing board-since it merged with the department of revenue) will give incredibly vague answers regarding course and school requirements. Despite asking multiple times, I was refereed to their website and instructed to follow it; they will not tell you anything that doesn't come directly from their website. The problem is that the website is not very clear as to which classes constitute what, leaving you completely exposed to the board later stating “that class doesn't qualify,” depending on their mood that day.

    They don't want to get in trouble for later changing their mind on a class, so they leave things as broad and as vague as possible. They told me to ask the schools, which classes count for a certain area. Guess what? Neither school I attended knew the answers either, unfortunately.

    This is a HUGE reason, why the job market is INCREDIBLY stale/bad in our state. Huge oversight/regulation, without adequate support.



    @Ratfus- It is not the Department of Revenue that administers the licensing. It is the department of consumer protection.

    REG - Pass 83 5/2016
    BEC - Pass 80 8/2016
    FAR - Pass 79 9/2016
    AUD - Pass 77 5/2017
    Ethics - Pass
    Done. Glory to Almighty God!
    Trust in Jesus, his timing is perfect!


    Thanks for your responses! Yes, Ratfus, I believe you mean DCP. The Board of Accountancy moved to DCP from the Secretary of State due to the recent fiscal shake up last year. And you are absolutely right. The responses from the licensing services over there are one liners and extremely vague. I'm glad that I am very up to speed on the requirements. My employers have already submitted the experience verifications and I hope to submit my full application this week. The Board meets every month to take care of business like approving applications. I have a feeling timing wise it may take some time. I am a state employee myself so am talking from experience. Hopefully by March I can be licensed!



    Quick update to fellow Connecticut aspiring CPAs! DCP approved my application in less than 3 weeks! I am extremely impressed with how quick the department was with this. Absolutely ecstatic right now!

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