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    In one of the FAR lectures yesterday, Peter said something about getting a CPA, and then later possibly getting a CFA and making a couple million dollars a year. Was he just over exaggerating, or can you really make that kind of money with both a CPA and CFA license?



    lol. exaggerating? you don't just pass two exams and then become CEO of a Fortune 500 company (even then I don't think you make millions straight off salary).

    they open doors to these possibilities, but… it takes a lot more than two certifications to make that kind of money.


    The GaJone

    Of course you CAN make that much money with both. Heck, you COULD make that much with just one or the other. But if you get both, I wouldn't expect someone to come up to you on the street and hand you a million dollars and say “come work for me” or else everyone would be getting both.



    You're kidding……lol. Wow, please speak the obvious. I know you can't just make millions with the certifications. Maybe I should reword the question, since neither of you can read between the lines. Are there jobs and possibilities out there that allow people with these two certifications to make that kind of money?



    What lines are there to read between? It is a ridiculous question, if you want to be a snot about it. I am quite confident that there's no correlation between these folks and those with CPAs, CFAs, MBAs, PMPs, etc. Any person making multiple-million dollars per year will not have done so because they have some certification. They will have some sort of other intangible and unique skill or quality, and a pioneering, entrepreneurial mind (as well as some good fortune) to make those kinds of opportunities for themselves.



    I think millions is a large over statement. However, I do know that CFAs make a lot of money even at the entry level.



    Each designation alone or both combined should get you a decent job in the industry, or improve/strengthen your existing position within a company. However they won’t get you a multi-million $ job (even though they exist), unless you’re the person who got the drive and passion (over many years this is), discipline, brains, people skills + a million other things that are hard to pinpoint, that make you absolutely outstanding at what you do. You’re either that kind of person or you’re not.

    Based on your questions, comments and your obvious motivation: You’re not that kind of person!

    Can you work on it? Sure! Start with how you respond to other peoples comments (that falls into the “people skills” category). Unfortunately your questions are also stupid, and I doubt you’re really passionate about either Accounting or Finance.

    Bottom line is: These jobs exist, but you will never get one (unless we have hyper inflation). Stop dreaming and accept your mediocrity!



    It is far beyond drive and passion. It will involve a ton of luck and also knowing the right people. There is many, many, many people w/ a ton of drive and passion that will never in their career see a salary close to $1M a year.


    cpa journey


    Peter also said he was a lawyer.

    The more specialized skills you have that are in demand the more opportunity there is of landing a good job that pays good money. The combination of training and proven skills will open a lot of doors.

    I have no idea about the compensation level of the positions Peter mentioned or the number. Doubtful if there are many folks out there with a CPA, CFA, and law degree. As he said ,,,, many personal relationships did not survive


    I love trolls.

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