CPA Work Experience Verification after getting fired

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    Hello everyone,

    To give you all some background I was working as an auditor for a big four accounting firm in Texas. I was fired from the firm after working for just over one year. My termination was a result of under-performance.

    I have passed all four parts of the CPA exam and am currently waiting on a partner from the firm to sign off on my CPA work experience form. The CPA work experience form is handled in a specific way at the firm. Associates/Senior associates essentially submit an IT ticket with the form and an excel document listing the number of hours worked. It is reviewed internally, then sent to a partner for his/her signature.

    It has been over one month since I submitted the form and I am worried my termination from the firm will give a partner a reason not to sign. Does anyone have any insight into how this could turn out? To reiterate, I was not fired for misconduct. I was not getting positive reviews during my performance reviews and was ultimately let go (I was put on a PIP).

    For those of you who are wondering, I am currently a financial analyst at a healthcare consulting firm. It's not big four, but I love my coworkers and my job is sooo much more satisfying 🙂


    Assuming you are applying in TX, get a manager/senior manager you worked under directly to sign off on your experience.

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    Gotcha, I'll reach out to the manager I worked under… With that being said there is a chance he will say no. Like I mentioned in my post, there is a specific method for associates and seniors to get a signature at the firm I used to work at.


    Send him a hand-written letter in a Fed-Ex envelope with signature required.

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