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    Any suggestions on how hard I need to study derivatives? Are they tested pretty heavily or do I just need to have a general grasp on the concepts?

    Sitting for FAR in 3 days… will be my first CPA Exam testing experience. Fingers Crossed.


    Derivatives, Hedging, and Intercompany transactions are probable the hardest 3 sections I've encountered. I feel like I'm gonna poo my pants…..WE WILL PASS BRO!!!!!!!!!!!….I would say read or skim the chapter and hit the MCQs…



    In my possibly inaccurate opinion, there are many topics FAR more important than derivatives 🙂



    Totally agree with jenuno's opinion! I'm not sure which review course you are using, but I spent more time on topics that had longer lectures. Bonds was a short chapter but had a couple of hours of lecture. Derivatives was a longer chapter but had a shorter lecture. Turns out that approach worked well for me.



    Thanks, all. I am using Yaeger and they didn't necessarily spend much time on it. It has a lot of confusing material in the Wiley book so I'm going to try and stick with the general concepts covered by Yaeger and not get too hung up on derivatives.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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