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    Ok, I was not surprised when I found out I didn't pass, though it was fairly low a 62. My weakness was in the SIMs (It was my fault for not studying much on it). But I remember taking FAR and passing, and the SIMS were harder. I already started studying for BEC, but haven't gotten too far in yet. So I think I need to refocus on AUD. The only thing is I have so much going on this month, I'm interviewing for jobs, have a planned vacation coming (I know it's a bad timing). I don't think I can re-take AUD that quickly, but I'm afraid the advantage of having the material fresh will be gone. Should I just refocus on AUD after I have the rest out of the way? Also, what's good practice for SIMs? Or maybe I was just unlucky because I didn't feel like I did worse than in FAR.


    If you're not too far in for BEC i would go back to audit. I think a big part of this exam is how lucky you get with the questions.. I havent done any sim practices for audit. Just Wiley lectures and test bank for mcqs. IMO, practicing sims is useless. Because they test same material as mcqs just in different format. If you know it and can answer mcqs I dont see how there can be an issue for sims. All i did was look thru them so i can have an idea what they look like.

    I felt better about audit after the test and my score was worse than FAR so its really not an indicator at all.

    Dont take BEC lightly if you do decide to keep going with it.. its a test from hell

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    AUD - 78

    REG - 76

    BEC - 56 (April 2019); CREDIT (September 2019)




    For AUD it took me 3 tries. I felt like I studied really hard the first two fails as well. For my last attempt I focused on Becker MCQ/SIMs, reread Becker lectures, and did about 800 ninja mcq questions and all the AICPA released mcqs, and Practice AICPA exam. Really focus on understanding the material for AUD because changing one word in the mcq can completely affect your answer. Take notes on mcqs/sims you get wrong and restudy those notes throughout your studying process. Best of luck! I really hated AUD, but you cannot give up and gotta push through.

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    AUD - 61 - 3/4/19, 63 - 5/28/19, 77 - 8/26/19

    yo fk audit, for real for real
    ~no one said it would be easy


    You can see how many times I took audit, best advice is to take your time like others have said and make sure you are answering the right question.

    I know something that kept killing me with the sims was that I kept getting the same sim question and I would change the way I interpreted the question which changed my answer and I had no idea if I was right or wrong. I really wish they’d give you your sim answers with your test results.

    There are so many different types of sim questions that I don’t think it would be helpful to actually practice them, knowing the concepts would be more beneficial and if you are unsure on a question you can always use the codifications they give you access to and research if you have time.

    I took my first exam in AUG 2013, so glad they have access until you pass material updates

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    BEC - 74, 73, 75
    REG - 74, 74
    FAR - TBD



    WOW, some strength you have there. I don't know what I would have done if i had to repeat an exam 11 times. I was crying when I had to repeat BEC for the 5th time. I really admire your strength and more important, that you never gave up. That is what I call determination. It will all be worth it soon enough.

    There is no such thing as failing the CPA exam, there is only such thing as quitting the exam process. Never give up. There is a bright light behind the tunnel.

    AUD - Yay!

    BEC - Yay!

    REG - Yay!

    FAR - WIP



    I would focus on AUD and go back to AUD. I had similar situation just 2 months ago. I had recently failed BEC and was about a quarter through REG. I left REG alone for a full month and dedicated that time to my BEC retake. I wound up passing it with a 82! I took REG last month and though I did not study well enough because I took a month off from my original schedule. My point is, i think you should stick with what you already know. Since you are close to a passing score, you should definitely redo AUD while you still have knowledge of it.

    There is no such thing as failing the CPA exam, there is only such thing as quitting the exam process. Never give up. There is a bright light behind the tunnel.

    AUD - Yay!

    BEC - Yay!

    REG - Yay!

    FAR - WIP


    Go back to audit is my best advice. Its not like another section in that reviewing Audit is more smooth than all the other sections that are heavily number based. This might sound corny but I had a process when approaching mcq's that worked for me with audit: I would read the question, think back to the specific module that the question is getting its info from before reading the choices, recall all the info your head, and then use the process of elimination. You should end up with the right answer 9/10 times. Stick with it and don't give up.

    AUD - 75
    BEC - NINJA in Training
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    REG - 78

    Im going to make BEC my slave 

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