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    Whenever I speak to my mother-in-law she says ” how's that CPA thing go'ing” I figure since they have the death penalty in my state it's easier to study and pass. what's your's?



    My husband and children are going to revolt if I don't finish ASAP. In addition, I need to finish by the end of May if possible, since any relocation decisions related to job offers need to be made before August 1st. If we're going to move, we need to do so before school starts the 3rd week in August.



    The biggest promotion you could ever dream of!!



    well i am not aware of this dear but thanks for sharing 🙂


    Mrs 300

    My motivation is the people who have actually said to me, “I KNOW I'd pass that exam if I was studying and sitting for it.”

    Mind you, these people aren't in the accounting field and know nothing about the CPA exam. I think I need new friends……



    My motivation is for the bigger paycheck and to prove the two partners at my firm wrong. The had given up on me going back to school and are convinced that I should have taken the exam right out of school and think I wont't be able to pass even though I am currently in school for my masters. Its a small firm so I think the raise will be minimal and I am sure I will leave and make lots more some place else. I want to stay just to see what they offer. When I finish school and all of the exam by December, I think that will be some nice bargaining power.

    My other motivation is that I had my son at a young age (19) and he is now 13 which makes me (33). Well I like that he is seeing me work towards something. He is already proud of me but he will be just as excited when everything is done as I will and to me that's worth all of the stress and late nights.

    Also I am one of 16 grandkids on my dad's side and the only one to have a child at a young age and not married. It would personally mean alot when I can be the second to have my masters degree and also a professional designation. When I had my son everyone was concerned of how it would affect my ability to provide, alot thought I was going to struggle forever and I want to show them that I'm not stuggling.

    It will feel great to accomplish something and no one can take it away!!!



    @mrs300, I think I would pull the sample exam out of the back of the Wiley book and make those friends that say that sit down and try to take it! See how quickly they change their tune



    @first timecharm,

    Which there was a like button on this forum, sound so much like me. (smile)

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