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    Yikes! I hope none of y'all were testing during the quake.



    Luckily I wasn't taking the exam, but it sure did mess up my study schedule for the day!



    I wasn't studying, but I was at work in a meeting with my manager when all the sudden our desks started literally shaking. Only lasted about 10 seconds, but it was still pretty nuts



    It's funny how everyone is talking about the earthquake in VA, but no one is talking about the earthquake in CO?



    Thankfully I wasn't taking the exam – I feel bad for those who were (if they had any problems). I had left work early to study, and we had some shaking going on at home.



    I felt it all the way up in MA…I was at my desk, and my boss was behind my chair looking over my shoulder when i felt my chair shake a little. I thought she had bumped my chair at first, but it didn't stop!! I guess it was fairly tame as earthquakes go, but it added some excitement to a dull, boring Tuesday at the office! 🙂



    I was sitting for my exam when the earthquake hit. I didn't feel anything though. That would have been a good story.

    I did accidentally hit a power button and briefly thought I'd lost everything. Thank goodness it was just the monitor. It turned right back on. Phew!



    Duker where in MA? I couldnt feel a thing in Beverly, but my friend was in Danvers and said he could feel it.



    I felt it in Northeast Ohio, i was laying in bed and the bed started shaking. For a second i thought i was going crazy or I been watching to much of the warehouse 13. Nothing else was moving in the room, got out of bed, looked outside and round the house everything was normal. Got into bed texted my friend that i think i felt a earthquake or something, she laughed at me and I went to sleep. lol I work at night and sleep during the day…woke up and looked at the news on the iphone ..and there we go …a earthquake that was 400miles away from us, but we felt it here in the ohio valley.

    and guys that was my story for the 2011 earthquake!



    I've only been in Colorado for three months, having moved here from living in California my entire life. The earthquake was nothing compared to what they prepare us for in CA. Since I've been here, I've felt more movement in my house from close thunder than that earthquake. But, man, that thunder is pretty intense.

    But here's something you should know if you live on the East Coast and endure an earthquake – – DON'T run outside. Get under something sturdy like a table or desk. And if there isn't any of the sort nearby, you stand underneath a reinforced doorway AWAY from windows.

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