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    So in the Becker lectures, Olinto said that the interest rate is calculated as Interest paid per period / Net proceeds of loan. With that in mind…..

    Corbin, Inc. can issue three-month commercial paper with a face value of $1,000,000 for $980,000. Transaction costs would be $1,200. The effective annualized percentage cost of the financing, based on a 360-day year, would be:

    a. 8.48%

    b. 8.65%

    c. 2.16%

    d. 8.00%

    The answer is a., which is computed as ([$1,000,000-980,000+1,200] / 980,000) * 4.

    Why wouldn't it be ([$1,000,000-980,000] / [980,000-1,200]) * 4? I feel like the transaction cost would be part of the net proceeds computation and not part of interest paid.




    and why it uses APR as the answer instead of EAR?
    I think the correct answer should be 20000/(980000-1200)=2.043% (1+2.043%)^4=8.42%
    Can someone explain this to me?

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    Hi 🙂

    Hmmm. That's weird. I just had this question in Becker and the answer was B instead of A.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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