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    I have applied to probably numerous jobs this year and still dont have an interview. I want to become employed in the Atlanta Metro Area. Have any of you gained employment by use of a staffing firm? If so, which ones? What about ihireaccounting.com? Are they a scam? thanks guys



    I would try and get a recommendation from someone on a recruiting firm they used and liked. When I was looking, I got references from a few friends on companies they used and specific recruiters used. This way, you already have a little background on the company and you know the person is probably going to be helpful.

    I'd be careful using the huge agencies. A lot of them just have tons of recruiters who are just worrying about getting a ton of resumes and will not give you the time and effort. I have also heard stories that some of these large places will just start sending your resume out everywhere, without even asking you if you are interesting in the job.

    Bottom line, try and get a reference from someone that has used a recruiter they liked. Thats what I did and I ended up with a great recruiter who I talk to on a regular basis.



    I used RobertHalf when I was looking for a job in PA. They are a large accounting and finance staffing firm. It worked for me. You can use more than one staffing firm as well. You don't have to use just one.

    Good luck!




    How soon were able to secure employment after you signed on with RobertHalf?



    In this market you may have to take whatever is out there to get your foot in the door. From there prove yourself and the promotions will come. After you finish your work, ask what other areas you can help in, supervisors love that.


    CPA Someday

    I recently emailed numerous accounting firms in my area looking for part time work during the tax season. I was shocked at the responses I got. I had great meetings with 1 firm I met so far. He really liked me.. I think it opened up doors for me for the near future.. He kept saying the word “intern” though.. so not sure if he thinks I want to “volunteer” part time during the tax season. However, they seemed like a great firm, I admire the CPA I met and would consider doing this as a “volunteer” to get my foot in the door and experience! Could you imagine workign full time and a part time job.. but the part time job being no pay?? slightly confused.. 🙂



    CPA Someday,

    Interns can be paid or unpaid positions. Generally speaking, the ones I have seen and/or was offered were paid internships. If they like you and have an opening at the end of the internship, paid or unpaid, you would then be hired as a regular employee. Employers often use this as a try-before-you-buy opportunity, so generally, they would expect to pay you – just not commit to you long-term until they see what you are made of, so to speak.



    Make sure you stay away from any “employement services” that charge you a fee! They are all scams!




    It took me about two months to secure employment through RobertHalf. And I agree don't use any staffing agencies that cost you money. The reputable ones like RobertHalf are free to the job seeker. The employer looking to hire pays the fee to the staffing agency.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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