Failed Aud Exam(Last part needed) and Need advice/suggestions PLEASE!!

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    Hey guys, just saw my exam score, 70 on audit. Passed 3 parts so far and my previous scores won't expire until Dec2018. I am looking for some advice or recommendations on how I should go about taking Audit again since the next score release is in July and Audit still fresh in my mind. Please help me and thank you for your time!


    Sir Student

    I just took AUD again last week, and my biggest regret was not keeping the material fresh, so I'm probably a good person to answer this question.

    Before I go writing a massive answer, can you give some more clarity on your situation?
    – What review program(s) are you using?
    – How do you usually study for an exam? (videos, book, MCQs..)
    – What areas were your weakest on this AUD exam? (specific topic, Research, SIMS, Doc Review etc.)
    – Why do you think you failed this time?

    "You'd be very surprised by what you can really cram, given the right beans to brew"


    Did you get a look at my score, by chance?

    F – 91
    A – 88
    R – ??
    B – 6/4



    @Sir Student I am currently using Ninja and Wiley . Just doing MCQ for the last 2 weeks after re-learning all the material. I been studying about 4-5hours every weekday and about 8 hours on the weekend. My exam is next week so any advice you have for me will be greatly appreciated! Also, how was your experience this time taking Audit in comparison to last time? Hopefully you did well and pass!



    Just sit for every sitting, and try to do every single sim and m/c from Becker, and that guarantees the highest probability you'll pass the exam. You have so much time. Sit at the end of each window. June 10, etc etc. There's over 100 sims and 500 m/c. You better get crackin. If you do 100 sims and 500 m/c, you should be good for 10+ points. Don't be lazy and put in the time.


    Sir Student

    @joe really sorry for the late reply, I never got the notification that there were more comments – hope your exam went well

    I just received my score, and I got a 90! =0

    In the end, there were 2 things that really made a difference in my performance:
    1) When I did MCQs, I chose to set a time limit, rather than a ‘# of questions' limit. This forced me to move quickly, and after a few weeks I had significantly lessened the time needed for each question, making me much more comfortable on exam day. The faster you're able to pick out the key terms and numbers, the less of a chance you'll confuse yourself and pick the wrong answer.

    2) I opened every single SIM on both Wiley & Ninja and went straight to all the answers first, before attempting to answer a single question. I made sure to understand how the questions were structured, and what the answers looked like. Anything that I really didn't know immediately went to the top of my review list. After that I went through all the pertinent questions a few times until I could answer them all correctly. By the time I made it to the test, I recognized every single SIM from the testbanks – so there were no real surprises, and I knew what sort of answers they were looking for.

    Hope this helps you (and whoever else made it here)!

    "You'd be very surprised by what you can really cram, given the right beans to brew"
Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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