Failed FAR with 72 Again

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    I failed FAR again and got a 72 again. What recommendations do you have for restudying and getting those last 3 points?


    Have you looked at your score report? Is there a section that you’ve been consistently weaker on? I would concentrate on those topics first but definitely review ALL the topics again- you never know what might show up. I used Roger at first and failed and started using ninja for my retake. I used a combination of both for my retake. I was weak on SIMS so I made sure to redo all the ones in Roger and ninja and wrote down all the MCQ I got wrong and why the correct answer was correct/important key ideas on getting it right. I think this was key since I thought I would remember everything the first time around but I obviously didn’t.

    Good luck, you’ve got this!

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    Thanks! I never really study sims, but maybe thats a place i should focus on and look into getting Ninja. I do have the Gleim test bank, but I feel like i've seen the questions so many times it might be time for a different test bank.


    You better be clear it is actually more than 3 points. Even you got 74, it doesnt necessarily mean you can get 75 if got one or two more MCQ right.

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    As others have said, you're not 3 points away any more … start over from scratch or you could very well score lower (it happens a lot):

    You Failed the CPA Exam (Now What!?)

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