FAR exam scoring error, July '11

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    Hi All,

    I took FAR for the first time in July of 2011. I failed with a 74. I took i again about a year later and failed again with a 74. I passed on the third try about 3 months after that.

    I got a call from NASBA yesterday. They told me that there was a scoring error on the July 2011 FAR exam, and that i had actually passed it at that time. What!!?? They tell me almost two years later?

    They said that they will refund me the money for the other two exams that i didn't actually need to take since i passed the first time, but that's all.

    Does anybody think i can make a case to get some kind of compensation for the hundreds of additional hours of studying for it two extra times?



    WTF!! Serious???






    OMG what???? That almost makes me want to get my 74 from this year regraded!!!



    I call B.S.

    1. the tests are scored by 7 (SEVEN) different systems to catch any errors.

    2. NASBA will not review a score unless specifically requested by the candidate (paying the fees associated with the rescore)

    3. There is only a 3 month window to have it rescored. I have never heard of a score being overturned and the person I spoke to at NASBA has not either (in the 6 years of working there).

    This is one of those things I would have to see it to believe it.


    A couple of things:

    1. This is your first post here (welcome by the way!) … so a post like this is taken with about 4 truckloads of salt.

    2. You got a “call”? I would think they would send you some sort of formal communication on such a matter.




    Good call MCLKT and Jeff – I retract my surprise.



    I, too, call BS on kushmirc. That situation is not possible.



    I can only think of the prank calls that radio stations do in the morning. Here in Boston they're called a “jam scam”.

    If you did get such a call, I'm guessing it was a cruel prank.



    If this is true I would be raging at how much time I wasted studying again – 2X!



    @mla – I was thinking the same thing! Either the OP is trying to get the forum rowdy or someone has played a cruel prank on them.

    I once received a call from MTV letting me know I had been selected for Real World. I was so excited because I had auditioned for a couple of shows and was asked to appear on a dating show, but refused. When I got the Real World call I was stoked. Come to find out, it was my sister's coworker. The best part is that they work in customer service and recorded the conversation. 🙂 One of the funniest prank calls ever!



    1. If an error in grading has EVER been made, I seriously doubt that it would EVER be admitted!

    2. NASBA doesn't grade the exams. They release the scores.

    3. A phone call! Bwahahahahaha



    Yea, I call BS too.



    Well, this is not a joke. Please do not think that I am trying to waste your time, or rile people up for no reason. I know this is my first post, and believe me, it is hard to desribe the frustration and disbelief when they called me yesterday. It's also hard to describe the bitter feelings of failing with a 74 two times in a row. After that I studied my butt off and got an 84, but it took a lot of work.

    I really should have asked more intelligent questions at that time like “Well, what exactly was the “error””, and “why did it take so long for you to let me know?”. But all I did was make sure that they would at least reimburse me. I was trying not to yell at the representative, because I know it's not her fault that she had to tell me. In trying not to go off on an abusive tirade, I prettymuch just didn't have much to say. They said that they would send the check in the mail, and didn't ask for any personal information. I'll update if/when the check comes.

    I tried calling the number again today. It was definitely from NASBA because I got the VM of a woman from NASBA who is on vacation now.

    I just am trying to decide if it's worth the time to pursue something on this, or if I have got nothing on them, and should just let it go. But seriously, they wasted literally hundreds of hours of my life. I feel like I should bring it to AICPA so that they can print the story in a magazine or something, because people should know that they are doing this to us. So, if it has happened to anyone else, please let me know.



    I failed my BEC exam back in October 2012 with a 58. I hope they'd call me up and say, “hey you have actually passed it with a 85, not 58.”



    I have to admit that some people's scepticism has got me sceptical now myself. I will definitely keep calling them to confirm this to make sure I'm not getting pranked or something…but I don't think so.

    I'm thinking someone asked for a regrade, they found out that the person was right, and had to notify the other people that were affected by the change. It probably took so long because of how difficult I've heard the appeal process is.

    Again, I'll update later



    Hi guys,

    Kushmirc & lacpa111 they both posted the same issues… I checked on their accounts they both became members the same dates 1/11/13…. Grow up please both of you. It is not funny….!!!



    Kusmirc: The representative that contacted me left me a message on my cellphone. I took a screenshot of the phone number in my voicemail and e-mailed it to Jeff (in order to keep the phone number confidential).



    kushmirc: it was me who called you



    I just got an email last from the IL Board of Examiners with the same situation.

    Took REG (first section I ever took) in Feb 2012. Got a 74. “The AICPA notified the State Boards and NASBA last week of an issue found during the scoring process with the coding of two task-based simulations in FAR and REG exams from 2011 Quarter 1 through 2012 Quarter 3.” My 74 was changed to a 75 and I passed.

    They will refund me the re-examination fee since I registered to take it again this Feb. I'm trying to figure out when the clock starts tick. I've passed FAR as well so do I have 6ish months [during busy season!] to get BEC and AUD done?



    Wow… It is so unfair to all of you who had to re-study for it. I feel your pain…. Sorry to hear..

    Congratz for you, ConerKey



    Hopefully I'll get one of those calls and get my dang money back for REG…



    forever4, which state are you in? you got licensed yet? I am still waiting patiently …



    haha this is so much of a BS thread.



    @bmshephard, apparently not. see this post: https://www.another71.com/cpa-exam-scoring-error-aicpa-nasba/



    This was only 3 day old. I wonder if they are still making contact. I passed the test I got a 74 on though, so wouldn't really care at this point. But wow.



    Its not a B.S thread or jam scam. It is true.



    Man….I wish my 2012 FAR score was a mistake…….



    just the first post. Dang this IS true


    *log onto exam account*

    *see all the same scores*

    *sigh and lol*

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