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    Took FAR on 11/27, it was my first test. I am waiting on my scores but I don't think I did well enough to pass. I thought the MCQ was reasonably difficult and some of the sims were straight impossible. I began studying for it in early September and maybe I was burnt out from the sheer amount of material I had to go through.

    I am waiting for my score and if I fail I plan on taking it again in January. I am using CPAExcel and will start off taking a practice exam to get a sense of what exactly I need help on. Then I will focus on those areas and give myself about 1.5 weeks to do MCQ and sims. Unfortunately, I haven't found a sound way to study for the sims. If anyone has any tips PLEASE throw them my way.



    Well, I was part of the AUD study group until about an hour ago. And now I'm back here. 🙁

    Thinking about getting the 10-point combo and drilling questions for the next few weeks.



    Took FAR on 11/21, was my 1st test as well. Failed with a 73. Already am studying for REG, should I go back to FAR & retake in Jan 2013 or continue with REG? What do you guys think?…



    STILL waiting for my score because Maryland is a non-NASBA state that most likely won't release scores over the weekend. I'm not sure I did well enough to pass, so depending on the results you may see me back here soon!

    @kmanharris: for FAR, make sure you know journal entries and have a game plan for using the research tab in case there you get simulations that don't involve journal entries. I've tried to practice journal entries by preparing them for multiple choice questions where applicable as well.



    Well official done with the Beckers 10 FAR chapter and 4 weeks to go till exam day and will now start my official review. I plan on going over all the MC and SIMS one more time as well as reading the book one last time. I am hoping this will not take me longer than 3 weeks and than I will just hammer becker practice quizzes and read NINJA notes until the exam day.

    Any suggestions about anything else I should do to prepare for this beast in the last 4 weeks would be greatly appreciated. I am looking forward to being done with this exam so lets hope I can kill it on the first try.



    Just got my FAR 74. I'll be joining your study group in Jan after I retake AUD.

    @k917 – looks like we are doing the opposite approach after getting our FAR scores. Good Luck!



    @igotthis – totally feel the same way. I sit down to study and 20 minutes in- my head is off in la-la land. Ugh- must do this!!! Its crazy the stuff I will come up with to procrastinate- my house has never been so clean. But today- I refuse to do that. Going to put together a better plan than: study as much a night as I can, as that is getting me no where. I haven't even finished 2 becker chapters since Thanksgiving. Its pitiful. Speaking of which, I should get to it!! Best of luck to you and everyone else.



    Falling behind in my study plan! Found out I passed BEC on Friday afternoon and have had so much and so little motivation to study at the same time it's weird.



    Got my study plan together, and it doesn't look like I will be taking this till April. Not sure I can study each day enough during busy season to get through all the material by February. Really kicking myself for procrastinating….



    I'm going to start by studying my weakest chapters first (F8 & F9 Government/NonProfit): Rewatch Videos then Rework MCQ's (taking notes as I answer the MCQ's). I'll build up my notes by making sure I've included all the Becker FlashCard material. Then I will take the progress test at the end of Chapter 10. Whichever Chapter shows my lowest score, I'm moving on to that one next. I won't be watching the videos for the other chapters; I'll only work the MCQ's HW and take notes. I should be able to get through a chapter a week.

    Last time I worked the Chapters “in order”; I need to spend more time when I am “fresh” in this process focusing on the stuff that I struggle with and spend less time when it's at the end of the process to cover material I already know.

    Typing notes help me remember the information; reading notes multiple times (daily commute = 1.5 hours a day) helps me remember the information.

    Then, I'll give myself two weeks to review; rework MCQ HW problems I answered incorrectly the first time and take at least one 90 question MCQ Progress test each day.

    I'm going to pass FAR this time! Should be taking around the last week of FEB 2013.



    @MCLKT Thanks! You too!



    I am on F2 on Becker, and I am getting most of the homework questions wrong…




    Krystal – I am in the exact same place….



    AT work, I do mostly tax returns. If I do a financial statement, they are usually compilations under OCBOA using a tax basis system. This adjustment to GAAP for FAR- is killiing me! My brain is refusing to adjust to GAAP/IFRS rules versus tax rules. Ugh!!!! Ok – my whine session is over- back to regularly scheduled programming.



    this is my 3rd and hopefully last time taking FAR. Im starting to study so i can take it Mid January. Its the last test i need. My REG credit expires in March smack in the middle of tax season so if i don't pass i have to retake REG. The problem is that i don't even know how to study for this test a 3rd time. I got a 73 the last time i took it and i ran out of time in the simulations so i didn't finish the test. I don't even know how to approach it at this point.

    Any pointers?



    @Krystal, I'm currently on Becker F2 as well, scoring mid 50s on HW questions. It's really demotivating :/


    cpa runner

    Getting through F1 today, I'll try and catch up to F2 soon, so I can be smacked by the HW as well I suppose. :/



    Pamdo-what are you focusing in on this time around? Were there particular topics that you had a difficult time tackling?

    I'm having a really hard time getting my head around FAR. I knew it was a monster and I knew not to underestimate it but I'm having such a hard time with it. The concepts are not sinking in and I feel like if I learn something new, it pushes out the old stuff. I'm working on government accounting now. I think it's taken part of my childhood memories as well as important chunks of pension plan information that I needed. My plan is 1 month of review. Finishing up first round of all 10 sections this week and circling back around and hitting it hard for 2 weeks. I'm considering the Becker Final Review or the Ninja 10 point plan for the 2 weeks leading up to the exam.

    Anyone have success with either of those in the past?



    Feeling really discouraged. I've just found out I didn't pass FAR on my second try. I've been using Gleim, and realized during the exam BOTH TIMES that there were topics covered on the exam that never appeared in the Gleim study materials. They were not calculation questions. They were specific knowledge questions.

    I studied about 300 hours for each attempt. I worked those multiple choice questions to death. After the first attempt, I thought I just didn't study certain topics enough and just got a rotten luck of the draw on the questions that were randomly chosen on the exam. But, after the second attempt with the same experience (actually lower score–went from a 73 to a 71), I know now that I need to switch to a different study guide.

    Gleim worked for me for the first three exams, but I question how well it really worked given that I had to study SO LONG to get through each section.

    What do you guys recommend for someone who has a good breadth of knowledge now for FAR but just needs an extra boost? Should I try Wiley? Thanks!



    newleaf – do you have the NINJA notes? I got the notes for AUD and they were lifesavers (and they were a BOGO special so I have FAR too). Wiley might be a good addition so you can get some fresh questions as well.



    Well, I got a 74 on FAR so I'm here now. Planning to take the exam in Feb. Reason why I'm dragging it out: last experience with a 74, it was on AUD, I figured I could retake in about a month, but then I ended up with a 73! Also going to take the time to really understand everything about the material so I get as far away from a 74 as possible. I've re-taken FAR more than once, but I don't think I have a good strategy going, even though I did improve my score by a lot. Any advice for re-studying FAR? I also ended up with “weaker” on simulations, so I am thinking about getting Gleim for that. Any thoughts?



    CrockPot78 – Thanks for the quick response! No, I don't have the Ninja notes, but am seriously considering getting those thanks to you! I could do that with Wiley and cover my bases. I'd like to retake first thing in January, so I'd better get to it tonight. My holidays aren't going to be as jolly this year as I'd hoped.

    splinter1643 – I always have done well on simulations, and I think the simulations that Gleim offers are worthwhile. The MCQ's are worthwhile also. Just don't expect to get by with just Gleim for everything. I have learned that the hard way.


    Advice please! I took FAR on 11/30 and got a 74. I used Becker and felt like I got a 94 walking out of the exam. FAR is the last part that I need to pass and I want to take it before MBA classes start back up in January. I'm shooting for a January 4th retake.

    I am thinking about using the 10 Point Combo product on this site. Has anyone used it, and if so what were your thoughts? I'm thinking about pulling the trigger tonight, but wanted an opinion or two first. Thanks!

    I think I know where to focus, as my diagnostic report read:

    Content Area:

    Framework and Standards (17-23%)- Stronger

    Financial Statement Accounts (27-33%) – Stronger

    Specific Transactions/Events (27-33%) -Comparable

    Governmental (8-12%)- Weaker

    Not-for-Profit (8-12%)- Weaker

    by Item Type

    Multiple Choice (60%) – Stronger

    Simulations (40%) – Weaker



    Welp found out that I failed FAR with a 71……. My Becker materials have expired and I used the extension as well. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good review course for FAR? Or should I just purchase Becker again?



    Got hammered by FAR the first time and ended up with a 58.

    I plan on taking it again middle to late January. I am having SUCH a hard time getting motivated. I am using CPAExcel so my plan is to sit down and take the practice exam again. That way I can see exactly what areas I need to focus on again. I just need the motivation to sit down for 4 hours.

    I think I did really, really poorly in the government section as well as the damn simulations. Any tips on how to study for the simulations?




    I am using cpaexcel too and I am a little frustrated. It seems to be a little drawn out so I am using wiley books, wiley software, with ninja audio and notes.I am hoping I can make better progress. I really don't want to waste time stressing over review materials even though I review materials are very important. In a nutshell…I am scared to death.



    FAR studiers, I have a question I just started my studying (watching lectures) I am trying to follow the ninja plan. However I am out-of-town this weekend and would prefer not to bring my computer. Do you think it is ok to read the ninja notes even if I haven't finished the lectures? I would really like to get some studying in this weekend but know I won't really be able to watch lectures even if I bring my computer. Any opinions are welcome!





    I would take along the ninja notes and start writing them. Use your Ninja audio and start listening. If you have any reading materials whether wiley books or books that came with the software or a kindle app, would use whatever you have. I have found when I do nothing (even out of town) I lose the desire to study. It is easy to say I will get back on track. But I found it to be really hard. Even if you have flash cards or a phone app. Just do something. I hope this helps.


    My FAR exam is in exactly one month.

    My strategy is to work 90 MCQ's and 7 sims from the Wiley Test Bank every day. I am concentrating on one or two topics at a time, reading my NINJA notes prior to working the MCQ's and adding fact nuggets on the topics I missed. The sims are providing a nice recap of the subject matter.

    I will do all of the MCQ's on the Wiley Test Bank before my exam.

    And I will rewrite my NINJA notes in condensed form.

    I listen to my NINJA audios during the day, and while running at the beach.

    Forge on NINJAs and let's conquer this beast!


    FAR 1/11/13






    Regarding the audio portion of the notes, what format do they come in? I'd like to upload them to my Android phone and listen to them at the gym. Is something like that possible?

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