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    hey guys,

    First off im a bit of a slow learner. I have FAR scheduled for Feb 9th and i started studying the monday going into thanksgiving (exactly 11 weeks 5 days total). I graduated may of 2017 so i havent been out of school long but the workload are teacher gave us was so intense i almost had to memorize the material instead of really understand it. so I honestly feel like in the last 4 weeks ive been studying that Ive learned more than i did in all of college intermediate lol. But as im going through the chapters in becker ive been getting generally 50-70% for the MCQs per module which is normal for becker from what ive heard. im up to acquisition method in ch4 and im starting to realize how a lot of it is all kinda connected in some way. im thinking about rescheduling just an extra week later to feb.16th because i want to use this next week to do a bit of a halfway through review so i dont forget everything. i feel like itll click better going through it the second time.

    any thoughts? im full time but i have a solid 2 weeks completely off going into the new year so i can really treat studying as full time those 2 weeks

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    I don't think there is harm in pushing the exam back a week if you feel like that may be the difference between pass/fail. I would almost be tempted to wait to reschedule until closer to the date. It's hard to say for sure how it will shape up the next few weeks. I would hate to push it back and end up being ready the first week of February and be waiting two weeks. Of course, you should also consider the availability of seats. At my location, it was pretty rare they actually filled up, so last-minute re-schedules (5-30 days out) are not a big deal (besides the $35 fee).

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    I'm with Chandler – I see no harm in pushing it back a week if you think it will help. Have you factored in some time off from studying during the Holiday's? I found that my actual time off versus by anticipated time off was always a couple days more than I had planned 🙂

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    I pushed FAR back one week, but it wasn't until I took the first Becker mock exam (two weeks before the exam). I performed poorly, but I knew exactly why I performed poorly and knew that even though I had the concepts down, I had not memorized the formulas/techniques enough. I personally would only postpone the exam if you know exactly what you need the time for. Otherwise I would set your pace based upon Becker's suggestions and try to stick too it. I do in the end think that week was the difference between a pass and fail for me (got an 82 on my very first exam).


    I gave REG in Q4 2018. It was my first exam and I found REG to be quite overwhelming. Moreover, I am an international student and US tax laws were all very new to me. So the anxiety kicked in and I felt I needed one more week. I pushed it by a week and I kind of felt relaxed that I rescheduled. I made sure I utilize the extra time to the fullest and I did.

    Like others above said, one week won't really make much of a difference in progressing with the certification, I second that. It is just a mental factor where you feel that if I have this one more week then I might be better prepared.
    The very fact that you have this thought of rescheduling by a week says you should reschedule! Good luck!

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    Consistency is the key!

    I originally scheduled REG for Oct. 15 but I didn't stay committed and ended up moving it back a month. However, when I moved it back I didn't stay disciplined and basically just used those extra four weeks to procrastinate. Also, I didn't do any practice exams and just focused on reading and MC questions and I passed. I think the Becker practice exams are fine to do if you extra time but I wouldn't say they are necessary.

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