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    Hello all, I just finished going through the material for regulation & I have no clue on where to start as far as reviewing goes, just for a brief background I've been studying off and on for about 2 & a half months now and i want to ensure I review everything prior to taking my mocks & final exams. I have reg scheduled for 10/18 but I'm getting pretty nervous about the date and feel like that's not enough time to review everything I went over the past 2 1/2 months. I thought about focusing on a chapter a day, listen to audio lectures of that chapter the whole day I'm at work, then flood myself with questions from that chapter daily and possibly do that with 2 chapters a day. Does that sound like to much? Should i push my test date back? Please any advice that would alleviate me from this panic right now would be great. Thanks!

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    AUD - 67

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