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    I have submitted my information back in March. I called in May and, after a run around, found out that all of my college transcripts (I bounced around a bit and have 6 transcripts) bearing my maiden name weren't “applied” to my profile. I was told that everything had been applied, and my status was changed to “eval”. I called today and was told I'm still missing documentation, but so far two people cannot tell what I am missing. Am I the only one getting the run around, or has this happened to others? I'm just not sure what to do, but I'm getting no where and there is no communication of status of my application unless I call them. I'm not sure if I should reach out to the board since they are utilizing the NASBA licensing service.. TIA for any help!



    NASBA Licensing handles the entire process of licensure for GA through the issuance of your actual license. The GA Board would not receive anything until that has been completed so they would not be aware of your status. You could email the coordinator directly at or their general email to have them check the status. What did they say you were missing after your maiden name issue got fixed?



    It took three calls, but it seems that the first person to “fix” the problem, didn't fix it back in May (when the name problem happened). I placed, hopefully, my last call on Friday, and my profile has already been moved to Quality Assurance. Maybe after 6 months of waiting I might get licensed. So incredibly frustrating….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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