Getting hired with a DUI?

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    I had a terrible lapse in judgment several months ago and got a DUI. I am currently finishing up my accounting degree and in the process of trying to land a job with a CPA firm upon graduation. Other than the DUI I have a spotless record along with impressive academic achievements. My question is how will this affect my chances of employment with a CPA firm? I have already done some research into how a DUI would affect getting the CPA licensure, and it shouldn't affect that at all, as it isn't deemed an ethical violation. I take full responsibility for my actions and just hope it doesn't prevent me from getting a job in the accounting field. Any input/advice would be appreciated, thanks!



    Unless you want to apply for a school-bus driver job, I don't see what a DUI has to do with landing a job….



    The only way I can see it getting in the way (friend of mine went Big 4 with a similar charge; started with internship and was hired, etc.) is if they ask about it on an application/during the recruiting process and you fail to disclose it. I would be completely truthful if they asked you to about it or if there was anything on your record. Otherwise, you should be fine.



    Thanks for the encouraging input guys, perhaps I am making much ado about nothing.



    You're definitely justified in thinking about it and how it could affect your future job prospects. Just be truthful on applications/interviews. Good luck.



    Three Putts,

    I would assume it depends on what kind of CPA firm you want to work for. Remember it is a strike against you. It might not be an ethical violation, but it could put of a red flag in the employers mind.



    I've wondered the same thing too, ThreePutts. Eight years ago I got one. Stupid, however it was a huge wake up call.

    I was working in sales, had a company car and thought I'd get fired but didn't. My boss was like, “It could have been any one of us. You just happened to get caught.”

    You didn't get convicted for fraud, theft or anything that may question your performance on the job. You take full responsibility for your actions and that is a very respectable trait. I have always been honest when asked about my “criminal record” and believe in transparency. People make all kinds of mistakes and it's how you deal with them that counts in the end. No one has ever held it against me.

    I never EVER drive after even a sip of beer now.

    Hope it works out for you!




    Thanks for the encouragement and kind words, and I agree about it being a wake up call, an extremely eye opening one. I will also never drive after having even a sip of beer from here on out.



    I have a criminal damage to property (Class A misdemeanor, same as DUI, I think) on my record. I was 17 and busted a car window and slashed all four tires. Charged and convicted as an adult.

    People aren't perfect. I screwed up and learned my lesson. Any employer who wishes to hold something I did when I was 17 against me isn't an employer I wish to work for anyway. I'd feel the same about an employer who wishes to hold one DUI against someone.

    I wouldn't worry about your DUI affecting your job prospects for two reasons:

    1. It's out of your control and you can't change it.

    2. It probably won't hurt you.

    I say #2 because most employers are only going to do a background check AFTER interviewing and deciding on a candidate. If they like you and want to hire you, seeing a DUI on a background check shouldn't suddenly make them think you're not a good candidate. If they saw child molestation, sure, that I could see hurting you. A DUI, heck no.

    If they ask on an application if you've ever been convicted of a crime (most say felony, anyway, so you should be OK there), just tell the truth and maybe even bring it up in the interview. Explain what happened, tell them you plain screwed up, and let them know you're not a deadbeat and that it was an isolated incident which has no bearing on your job abilities.

    If an employer wants to reject you after that, phuck them!



    If you don't include the DUI on you application, you will be in the employment line after the background check is completed.

    While working for a Big4 I attended an orientation (in a different city) with 3 other people from my office. Because we were all from the same office we talked and got to know one another. About 3 weeks later in the monthly update one of the guys name was on the list of employees leaving. I asked one of my friends that was in his group what happened.

    It turns out the guy didn't put his DUI that he got while in college on his application so when that came up on his background check he was let go. Keep in mind that this guy was not a recent graduate he was in his mid to late 30s and had worked for one of the large national firms. He also had a JD and was admitted to the State Bar, plus he was specifically brought to our firm by the partner of his group. None of that mattered, when the DUI came up on his background check, he was toast because he hadn't disclosed it on the application.

    As long as the DUI is disclosed on you application, it shouldn't cause any additional problems.




    I totally disagree with your statement: “As long as the DUI is disclosed on you application, it shouldn't cause any additional problems.”

    The issue I see with a DUI is that it opens a company up to potential liability issues if you do driving in the course of business. With alot of people gunning for the same job, why would they want the potential liability issue? If you have a desk job that does not require any driving in the course of business than yes I can see it being a non issue.



    An associate of mine, had a DUI and a BK in his credit. He used a very clever credit repair company to remove all derog. information in his credit report.

    So if you think you may have any derog. in your credit report…..have it cleanse before you start looking for work!

    Also, some employment applications ask questions for a specific time period, “have you in the last five years been convicted of ….” So if it didn't happened in the time period in questions, you;re ok.

    and many states have stautes on how long negative information can be kept about you… you can have it removed…




    I know a person who got a DUI and they just weren't allowed to (1) drive any company auto for a few months or (2) drive their own auto to any conferences for a while.



    The DUI is a misdemeanor charge, and it seems they mostly only ask to disclose prior felonies, if that were the case would I be better off disclosing it even though it's not a felony?



    Hey ThreePutts,

    I am in the same situation you were two years when you started this thread. I was feeling pretty depressed about my DUI situation and googled “what are my chances of landing a job with a DUI?” and this forum popped up. So now, two years later, I'm hoping you will respond, did you get a job? Did it impact you like you thought it would?




    Yeah…ThreePutts was last on 2 years ago and only ever started/participated in this thread. Chances are he/she did exactly what you're doing now…found a CPA forum and decided to poll the audience, so-to-speak.

    Sorry to hear about your, dewey…definitely a dumbass move on your part, but I believe if you learned from it that you shouldn't be penalized for life. I mean…it could have EASILY been me in college, so I feel you. Good luck, man.




    Although I am a good 5 to 10 years away from being able to make a decision about hiring anyone, I believe he had the right attitude. Someone who can stand up and admit their mistakes is an asset to any firm. Anyone who judges someone on a single mistake is only trying to hide from their own. Just my .02



    Yes, you can get hired with a DUI.

    To Congress.

    In fact, I think a DUI is required there 🙂

    And when you get hired, hire me as your adviser 🙂

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