Giant, Heavy FAR Textbook and a Stroke of Genious!

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    I'm not sure if anyone else has thought of this, but I figured I would share anyway.
    I'm studying with Roger and the FAR textbook is – not kidding – 2″ thick and several pounds heavy. It's really intimidating and inconvenient to carry this thing around. Trying to think of a solution, I had a thought: What if there was a way to turn my textbook into a loose leaf version? I was able to accomplish this by going to a local book binding company. They cut 1/16″ off of the spine of the book to get all of the glue and string off so the pages were straight and 3-hole punched all of the pages. This is a much better way, at least for me, for several reasons: 1) You can keep the giant textbook in a 2.5″ binder at home and use a 1″ binder to carry only the sections you are currently working on with you. 2) Carrying a portion of the book would make it way lighter and it would definitely be better for your back! 3) Psychologically, it's way less intimidating to have a few sections or chapters with you instead of the entire book. 4) Because the pages will now lay flat, it is much easier to wright notes on your pages and in the margins. 5) If you have any book updates or errata, you can print those pages off, hole punch them, and add them in between the pages of the actual textbook. 6) You could also add any of your own notes to the binder(s) as well!
    I hope by sharing this, it will benefit at least one person. Happy studying!


    Awesome idea! I did this exact thing with the Ninja books. Printed a couple chapters at a time + included Ninja notes in the back.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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