Gleim vs Surgent

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    Hello All,

    Basic question: Gleim vs. Surgent. Pros/Cons, Good/Bad, Any advice? Just looking for some recommendation before I purchase one or the other. I am 38, work full time, and am about 4 years out of school. Looking for something engaging enough to not put me to sleep after a full work day, that has good lectures/book/questions to follow.

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    I fixed the search feature. Apparently, I needed to pay the bill 🙂


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    I used Gleim and passed all the section on the first try, but as many people point out it is a blood-bath. Gleim is overly detailed, so they prepare you very well for the exam, plus the multiple choice questions do a good job of explaining why the answer is correct vs why the wrong answers are incorrect. The biggest thing with Gleim is to not let bad scores keep you down, I ended up ignoring their smart learning (or whatever they call it) and just went through the chapters at my own pace b/c if you follow smart learning it takes way to long because the questions are so difficult. So basically you need to be able to self-study, and determine when you have the concepts good enough to move on even if the system says you don't. Hope that helps.

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    I also used Gleim and went 4 for 4 on test. It is brutal, be prepared to constantly be told you're wrong but come exam day you will be thankful for it! Prepared me really well for the SIMS I feel like.

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    I agree with the previous two responses. Gleim has some very long, detailed MCQ. The actual test questions will look noticeably shorter. However, I don't think you'll find the lectures very interesting. Gleim is a bit “no frills” IMO so keep that in mind.

    My process, which worked okay, was to simply learn by doing MCQs….mixing new material while always circling back to review along the way. If you can avoid getting beaten down by the process AND avoid simply memorizing answers, that process works well.

    Ultimately (and as discussed on this forum countless times), you can pass with any review program.

    Good luck

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    Suggest utilizing the free trials from both providers, plus some others as well.
    It's not so much about the course, as which one best fits your specific learning style.
    They all have enough to get you across the finish line, but if you choose one that meshes well with you, it will be less torturous.
    The others to look into would be Ninja, Wiley, Roger, Becker, plus Gleim and Surgent.
    You are laying out thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours. Make the best informed decision you can.
    They also send you coupon codes after your free trial is over.

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    @jen … did you ever decide which you like better? I am using Surgent right now and I am considering getting another package because the lectures are dry and I don't know it just doesn't sit great with me.



    Surgent was perfect for me; I'd recommend it. Plenty of content and the intuitive learning technology helped focus in on weak areas. The price was totally reasonable as well. Toward the end of each of my studying periods, I'd supplement with Ninja MCQs and audio. This method seemed to serve me well. I was a nervous wreck for each exam but managed to go 4 for 4, with strong scores each time. Good luck in your studies!

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