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    Hi Everyone,

    I desparately want to do the CPA, but I am unsure if (1) I am eligible (2) which state to choose.

    Firstly, I am interested in just passing the CPA exams and being able to put some form of “CPA inactive” on my CV. I am not interested in becoming licensed as I live outside of the US. Is this possible? I am not talking about getting the CPA certificate here (available only with two-tier states), but simply passing the exams.

    Secondly, I did a double degree (Bachelor of Commerce/Arts) in Australia which was a 4 year degree, with a major in Economics To complete my commerce degree, I had to do 16 subjects (accounting was included). Each subject was about 3.5 hours/week for 13 weeks. So in the end, I did 45.5 hours of accounting 45.5 hours of finance and 637 hours of other general business subjects. I am not sure if this is the same system of measurement in the US and I am not certain if this would account to meeting the 120/150 credit rule required.

    Given this info, do you think it would be possible to apply for a CPA? I was thinking more about California, but I was not sure (1) if I had enough credentials and (2) If it is possible to just pass the exams without being licensed.

    Many thanks for your help!!



    Passing the CPA exam DOES NOT allow you to use the CPA designation in any form. You cannot put “CPA Inactive” on your resume, or cv, because passing the exam alone does not qualify you as a CPA. Inactive CPA's have received their license, but have not maintained their CPE credits or renewed their license with the state board.

    In California, if you completed your coursework at a foreign institution, you must have an approved third party evaluation service review your foreign transcripts to determine if they meet the california requriements for licensure. On the state board of accountancy's website for California, download the First Time Exam Handbook. It has information about eligibility and licensure for candidates with foreign educational credits, and a list of approved third party evaluation servicers.

    I don't know anything about how foreign credits translate to US units, but I'm going to guess that 45.5 hours of accounting is not going to be enough to meet the minimum requirements to sit for the exam in any state. Is that 3.5 hours of class time per week for 13 weeks? In the US, that would amount to about the same amount of class time for a 3 unit class. You need 24 units of accounting, if 45.5 hours = 3 units, then its no where near enough.

    You may want to look at the requirements for being a chartered accountant in your country.

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