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    I'm currently working my way through FAR. I'm taking the exam pretty soon (13 days). This is the only part of the exam that makes me so frustrated that I literally cry. When I finally feel like I master a topic,it sucks because when I go back to go over it another week later, I do horrible on it!

    For those who have used Becker (and passed with it, lol), what was your strategy for retaining the information? How did you cope with the stress? It's so much information, how did you get through it all?

    I know everyone says to do the MC as much as possible but they only help to a certain point when you don't understand what is going on, they just make you more frustrated.

    Please don't tell me to switch programs at this point. There's no way I can make that happen in 13 (12 tomorrow) days.



    make notes or use the becker flash cards, the biggest problem with far is the amount of content, so when you finish F-9, you probably forgot all about F1-4.



    this is a great post and i actually have a friend who is taking the exam in 6 days and she said the same thing. During her final review she goes back to a topic she had nailed first time through and now she forgets it or doesnt score as well. I'm taking the exam in November so i still have time. I know many will also suggest progress tests which you can do in the becker software. I'm looking forward to advice for this question as well.



    For me, repition was key. I actually didn't do all of the MC questions, but instead kept reading through the book, and would take breaks to try and recite what I just read. My theory is if you know what's in the book, then you will pass the exam



    Do multiple chioice question and get the flashcards, I did notes but now I see its a waste of time I did a lot of notes for BEC and failed. For FAR I did notes but not much just very important stuff NO SUMMARY of the chapters. Ironically the section I was strongest in I didnt write notes.

    So my suggestion is progress test, progress test, progress test I did 30 test for FAR and mosts the sims, after you do the test only focus on your weak areas and thats how you will learn.



    I would suggest the progress tests and if you take notes, review a prior chapter or two every day to keep some of the topics fresh. It's difficult to spend that time, but it's worth it in the end. I am also a big fan of the flashcards because you can use them anytime and they help keep things fresh.

    One last suggestion is to get Jeff's notes! His notes were an fabulous addition to my study plan. I used them only after I had finished all the Becker chapters, so I used his notes as supplemental material to my notes, etc.

    Good luck!



    @ RNP – I just took FAR last month, so totally understand your pain. I reviewed FAR in 5 weeks. 3 chapters per week and last 2 weeks for MCQ. Like Herbert said, FAR is such a monster and just landslide of information to remember. I thought I've nailed Chap 1-4 but after reviewing 8-9, felt like I've never seen Chap 1-4 before. Almost regretted trying to rush through FAR in short time.

    Initially I worked through MCQ for each individual chapter but realized focusing on one makes it easy to forget the rest. What I found helpful was break the 9 chapters into 3 parts. Do progress test for 1-3, then go back and review Becker's lecture notes for weak areas (fully understand before working more MCQ, otherwise the MCQ is just going to frustrate and confuse you) and work another progress test. Repeat the same for 4-6 & 7-9. Closer to exam, work on progress test for all 1-9 a few times.

    My average progress score was 71-75 (talking about depression!). One positive mental note I keep playing to myself is – Better to get it wrong on Becker now than the real thing!

    Just my 2 cents worth. All the best. You can slay it!

    Congrats to everyone who passed FAR in this window, I've been following the postings in FAR Score Release. You guys are hilarious especially Connie's (aka mum, CPA, MBA).

    This forum is great emotional support while reviewing / waiting for results!



    I did progress test constantly. Any area I missed more than one question in I went back to the book and reviewed the examples for that topic. This was a huge help in REG and FAR.


    CPA Someday

    I was feeling like i was forgetting everything.. I'm going through the book a second time. CINP's comment makes me feel better. .thanks!


    75 CPA


    I had the same frustration when I first used Becker for FAR. Go to the “CPA Review for Free” website. Do their multiple choice questions. Joe Hoyle does a very good job explaining why the answers to the questions are correct or wrong.



    Taking FAR Friday morning and I totally procrastinated and I still need to do FAR MC homework for sections 4-7 before then. It's going to be a mess, especially with it being crazy with year-end closing at work! Anyone know what sections are the most heavily tested on the exam- where to focus? I'm stressing out :-/



    Reschedule if you still have that much you haven't done. If you half-ass FAR it will bite you.




    I'm struggling the Accounts Receivable/Revenue Recognition F2 part of Becker FAR. I feel I need a good solid source to show me how to do AR/Notes receivable etc…

    Does anyone know where I can get solid on these subjects?

    Appreciate it!



    For me the topics in F2 regarding revenue recognition revolved around the accrual principle. You recognize revenue when you earn it, E.G. collecting cash on A/R does not hit I/S because you recognize the revenue when you recorded the A/R initially.



    Do you guys think supplementing Becker with Yaeger will help getting into more depth in the topic?

    I had the most difficulty in F2 & it seems that its normal… I just feel Becker is not going deep enough for some topics. For example, I can't find any examples on cash vs accrual basis in the notes.

    Also deferred revenue!!! There is nothing but tiny (few) sentences about the subject & nothing else ahhhhhhhhhhh

    so annoyed!!!



    @cinp- Those are really good suggestions. I am new to the progress tests in Becker, I originally had last year's software. Can you do a progress test in lets say F6 and have it just be questions from F4-6 or does it give you questions from all the previous chapters?

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