Help! I just found out Wiley Test bank aren’t adaptive learning.

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    Hi all,

    I purchased Wiley Test bank and just realized it´s not adaptive. What should I do? Adaptive learning is huge for my success in this exam.

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    Giving up is not an option.

    The question is not whether I will be a CPA or not, the question is when will I become a CPA.



    I think the Wiley test bank is good for quizzing after a section but if you do Ninja you will get the adaptive learning and find out your weak spots as well. So use the Wiley for a section by section and do Ninja find your weak spots. I'm sure other courses might be adaptive but I only know about Ninja. I hope this helps.

    It begins with a 75
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    You'll be fine – adaptive learning is a nice bonus feature for efficient studying, but the most important thing is the questions.



    That was me too. I ended up buying the Gleim test bank, mostly bc I’ve used it in the past and I am familiar with it. They are having a 45% off sale right now.

    TBH I wasn’t very impressed with the Wiley test bank, I think it’s helpful for me when I have metrics. Mostly, I noticed their questions aren’t as strong…let me clarify, with Gliem, if you pick the wrong answer, it gives an explanation for why that selection is incorrect and definitions of the incorrrct items. For me that has been very helpful and it saved time when one of the answers happened to be a term I wasn’t familiar with.

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    I love WIley. And Pam Smith, she is an extremely talented teacher. She also knows learning psychology and there is a lot of science put into the way the course is constructed, and there is very effecient mentoring available for each lesson

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    Jimmy Dugan

    It actually isn't that big of a deal. Just use the reports to show you your weak areas, then make quizzes that only test those areas. That's all the adaptive learning would do anyway.

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