How can I transfer my CPA Exam scores to another state???

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    I passed the four sections of the CPA Exam in the State of Georgia and will start working as an auditor on January 2012 in Florida. I have a couple of questions and would greatly appreciate your help.

    1. How can I transfer my CPA Exam scores from Georgia to Florida?

    2. Should I transfer my scores before or after I gain my work experience?

    3. I passed my first exam (FAR) on Nov. 2010 and my last exam (AUD) May 2011, when will my scores expire?




    I think if you passed all 4 sections, the scores won't expire.



    I think there is a link on the NASBA site, when I was logged into to apply for a NTS, I saw a option to transfer scores to another state.



    You should probably contact the Board of Accountancy for Florida to get specific answers. From what I understand, depending on the state, it could be a case by case basis.

    Why did you test in GA if you are going to work in FL?

    I spoke to the state boards for CA and KS for my situation and got a scary answer.


    Some people will sit for the exam in a state separate from the one they intend to practice in, simply because they don't qualify to sit for the exam in the practicing state.


    You don't qualify to sit in FL, so you tested in GA because you qualified. Once passing, you now want to transfer your score to FL so you can practice there. When you apply for your license in FL they could deny you because you didn't qualify through their state regulations and you tried to get around it. They could require you to sit for the exam in FL (or a state with the same requirements) in order to approve your license.

    It may be better to get licensed through GA, then apply for licensure through reciprocity in FL.

    This will only work if GA and FL are reciprical states.

    Good Luck!



    Thank for writing. I took the tests in georgia because I live here and at the time I didn't know that I was going to be working in FL. I checked and FL and GA have the same requirements so I hope its not a problem.



    That's good news!

    It will probably be pretty simple for you. And because the states are so close, it's probably common.

    I currently live in KS but depending on where my daughter's dad is accepted for his residency program we may move to CA, IL, MA, or FL. I don't qualify to sit in IL or KS so I applied through CA. Luckily, IF I apply using the CA pathway 2 (which I qualify for), KS and other states will most likely issue a license for me through reciprocity. But I have to pass and get my CA license first. I was really nervous about the cross state rules, so I did a ton of research.

    Congrats on passing!



    Thanks mocalakatie and good luck. These state rules are so confusing. I finally got hold of my state board. They told me that if I passed the exam in Georgia, my scores will not expire. I think I'm going to get my experience in FL first and then transfer my scores and apply for the license at the same time.



    What if I've gained part of work experience in AZ but I want to apply for a CPA license in CA. Do the work experience I've gained while working in AZ count toward the work experience requirements in CA? However, I have passed all exams in AZ.

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