How do you retain all the FAR information?

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    I forget mostly everything after a week or two, whatever I studied. How do you retain all the chapters in the FAR? I believe one of the problem was I didn't do the hw questions. Also, do we really need to know all the JE's in the becker?

    Thinking about the far exam makes me kind of nervous. Any help and motivation will be appreciated !




    Like everyone keeps saying …do the MCQ over and over. At first it seems like its impossible, but once your done with all 9 lectures …look over your notes and the “class notes” that come with becker. Start doing the MCQ's over again. Yes you will need to know the JE. There is no way to pass the sims i think without knowing the JE. The first time i took the FAR i was not ready at all and didnt know my JE at ALL! I left all the sims blank. Of course i failed. lol The second time i felt better and passed it. I never thought i could pass it, but i did 🙂


    Mocking Jay

    Jornal Entries should start to make sense once you are through most of the chapters. With FAR it really is important to understand WHY you are doing things. If you can gain that level of understanding then the material will start to stick. Memorization definitely does not work for FAR, although it is very effective for some parts of Audit. Those are the only exams I can vouch for at this point.



    Yes, know the Journal Entries! Not every single one, just be familiar with general concepts.

    Also, I retain the info by first making note cards when watching the videos (Becker), then later reading them to my iPhone “Voice Memo” App, then listening to my monotonous voice all day at work. So I pretty much covered the 3 way people learn (Audio, visual, “Doing/writing”) all in 1 step.

    Good luck! If I passed, anyone can.



    hi all,

    Recording our own voice is a great idea. yeah…I agree, it took way long time to study earlier chapters compared to later chapters. Even though some of them does not make sense to me right now, I am hoping it will later on. Oh…yes JE's here I come…!

    Thank you all so much for helping.



    @heatmiser, first I love your name, but why can't you and your brother just get along? Second, the recording into your iPhone really works. I got myself through Governmental Accounting and the worst management professor ever by listening to me reading my notes on my 30 min drive to school.

    @Everyone else: I'M NOT ASKING FOR SPECIFIC QUESTION INFORMATION, but rather a sort of rating of how picky the questions are. For the JEs everyone's talking about, is it more like:

    DR Accounts Receivable 125.00

    CR Sales Revenue 125.00

    or some really complicated JE with four or five debits and credits? Basically since I haven't seen the exam before, I'm trying to gauge if I have to memorize and know every possible JE in the book, or can I just feel safe that the main/popular ones will be hit? I'm saying this poorly. I hope you know what I'm asking.

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