How hard is the CPA compared with the CFA exam?

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    I have a bunch of friends in finance, and some of them are taking/have taken CFA exams. When they hear or talk about CPA exam, they have this sense of superiority that I can't stand… They think the CPA is a piece of cake and isn't worth as much time and money as their CFA exam (since on average the analysts do earn more than accountants)…

    I myself am working on the CPA and have never looked at a CFA book, so I can't comment on that, but I did take loads of finance courses back in school. I remember back then finance seemed easier than accounting to me. Accounting is in large laws and concepts, and the calculation itself isn't hard. It's harder to memorize and utilize all the concepts and be really organized to put everything together; whereas finance is more formula and intuition guided and more subjective… I want to say the CPA is harder, though I really don't know till I study for the CFA… …. Anyway I have a hard time accepting their arrogance…

    So I'm wondering if anyone here has taken or studied both exams and your thoughts on them. =)

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