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    Congrats @ginja_cpa !

    I had a similar situation I got a 73 in the last testing window (last section of the exam) and passed this time around with an 82!

    I used Becker and a little bit of Ninja Audio + Wiley Testbank. I still can't believe I'm done!



    I passed Far with 77. Still cannot believe that I made it! Thank you, Jeff! One more to go!


    Passed FAR! Finished the Test. What an accomplishment. I have never felt so much relief or satisfaction.



    82 on FAR!! I passed it on the second try after getting a 72 the first time. I didn't really study many practice simulations, I mostly did lots of MCQ and wrote lots of notes. I felt pretty good about the multiple choice testlets and some of the sims. I'm pretty sure I got the research question right. But I wasn't sure that I would pass since there was one sim that I had no idea what to do or what it was even asking, I could not figure out what to put. My score report on my first attempt said I was “weaker” on simulations but “comparable” on the multiple choice. But this was my last exam and I am finally done with the CPA exam!! Good luck to those who still need to pass.



    I passed FAR! yay!!

    I studied beckers only: viewing all the lectures and doing all the homework and sims (didn't do optional questions though). A week before my exam date, I did progress test and focused mainly on MCQs. I did 30 questions at a time, instead of 90 Qs, then reviewed on what I got wrong (just reading through the explanations and tried to understand the concept behind it); repeat.
    I took both Final reviews on beckers and got avg. 77, including MCQs and Sims (I did better on Sims). I just had to hope to get higher score on actual exam. I was feeling ok though due to posts I found online: people were saying that beckers final reviews are much harder and you would get 7-10 pts more on actual exam.

    On my exam day, I got so many non-profit questions that I was thinking WHAT THE! inside of my head while taking the exam….sigh
    That was my first panic attack. Then the second panic attack was….. I got TWO research questions. Not sure if that's good or not but that means I had to do all of my other sims comparably good! oh gosh… my confident was wayyyyyyyy down.
    I took a week break due to Thanksgiving and started studying for the next exam, BEC.

    On score release day, I checked my score and I got….. 86! woohoo!! I got so excited wanted to celebrate but then got to continue study for BEC lol.
    I am just glad I passed my FAR, the most longest part of the CPA exam!
    1 down, 3 more to go! YAY!



    ahaha update to my post above (hmm can't edit?)

    Avg. score 77 I got is for the progress test I took.
    As for the Final Review, I got avg. 74



    Woohoo! I passed FAR with a 78!!!



    Yours is out?????



    Passed Far using only Ninja with an 84! First exam!



    Omg I got an 84! This is my first CPA exam ever I thought for sure I had failed. Used only Becker. I am SO HAPPY



    Lost my FAR credit due to failing audit this window. Applied for my for an NTS for aud and FAR. Some how managed to find a seat freaking 30 miles from my house. Studied FAR for 13 days, about 6-8 hours per day, no days off. Used Rogers course review and ninja MCQs.

    After taking the exam I really thought I failed. Felt like I messed on a lot of questions and at least 2 sims were really difficult. But passed with a 77. If you study you will pass.



    woo hoo emichelle and here you thought you had failed it! So happy to read of the passes gives me hope so Congrats to all of you guys… I am back at it come Q1 🙁



    I don't even know how I passed. They might as well have named the test GNFP cause that was half of my questions. Sims were absolutely BRUTAL. I felt like I probably at best got 50% of the simulations correct. Came out feeling like I wanted to cry. Bought FAR MCQ earlier in the week already prepping for a retake. That's how bad it felt. I have no idea how these exams are scored.



    Never thought I would post on this side of forum but I am pleased and blessed to say that I am finally DONE with the CPA Exam!! What a Merry Christmas 🎁🎄!

    My motto for 2016 has been to buckle down and study like a mad woman. I passed all 4 parts in 2016. I even forced myself to become a morning person so I can study more and quietly without kid noises and thankfully the strategy and efforts paid off. All those months of sacrifices and Hubby being single parent were not in vain. For example I couldn't celebrate Mother's Day because I had an exam coming up the very next few days. My kids had to bring me their homemade breakfast to my study…sad but true. My advice to anyone willing to listen is: Never let naysayers tell you it can't be done. Definitely don't say that to a mother…oh the willpower of a mother! Being a liberal art major, I certainly followed the accounting and CPA path unconventionally. You can say I am a chronic but proud scorer of 75! Nonetheless studying and passing the CPA exam are doable if YOU believe in yourself and NEVER give up. Just look at me: passing the 4 grueling parts of CPA exam at the mature age of 40 with more wrinkles, gray hair, and dark circles then before. I have studied almost exclusively with Gleim and sticked with one section at a time until I passed. Oh and I kept the whole CPA exam journey confidential so to stay focused and avoid unnecessary pressure. Even my mother didnt know about my CPA exam journey! At the end of the day, it is all worth it! I am forever grateful to the Another71 forum for all the advice and support. Happy Holidays all!

    B 74, 80
    A 75
    R 68, 75
    F 75



    First post on here! I passed FAR with an 85. I gotta say, FAR definitely lives up to its perception as the hardest test. I feel so lucky because I only found out about how much focus there is on Gov't/NFP accounting until the night before, so I focused on that for a few hours and apparently knew enough to pass. I thought I had done horribly (especially once the TBS rolled around), but it ended up alright. If I had to guess, right answers on FAR seem like they are weighted more heavily than AUD or BEC (the 2 other ones I have taken), just because I felt like I didn't know a single thing on the TBS. Only have REG left now!

    For any curious on my review usage, I used Gleim and focused entirely on MCQs, doing over 2000 in 6 weeks. I spent a tiny amount of time on the TBS before coming to the conclusion that I'd be better off hammering out MCQs. It may have almost cost me, but it worked out! And now I just have REG left.


    Zhijin Wang

    I passed FAR with 89 on my first try. I didn't do any mock exam and I didn't finish up all the Ninja MCQ so my trending score was like 67…the real exam is very different from my practice mcq. All testlets are pretty hard, and almost all computation…



    Hello all. Congratulations everyone.

    As for me, I got a 77 tonight! I am done!

    This forum has been an excellent resource for me. If anyone is reading this, and has struggled to pass, feel free to ask me for any tips. I would be happy to pay things forward.

    I know how hard it is to receive FAIL after FAIL after FAIL. In July, I SWORE I would be done. FAR was set to expire in June. I had passed REG in May but was waiting for AUD and BEC. 74. 74. Quarter 3 brought two more successful passes. On December 9, I arrived at Prometric, with one exam away from being a CPA Candidate. The multiple choice went outstandingly well. But, I was nervous about the simulations. I was sweating bullets and got zero sleep: I've never passed on the first try or after needing to pass an expired exam (I also saw Auditing expire before I passed REG). My thoughts were racing. 40% can account for a lot. I had NO time and only the AICPA released example of the new SIM type to review. Plus, I read the conspiracy theories thread on here.

    What made matters worse (mentally) was that I thought I made the December 16 cut. The Prometric proctor took my NTS so I didn't have my Exam ID #. I had to reset my NASBA password. Then, I was freaking out that my old grade was posted when I finally got to see my application data early December 16. Dang. I had to wait another few days. But, I almost fell off this chair when I saw the 77!!

    If you're reading this thread and asking “when will it be my turn?” take heart. It will be. Feel free to respond to this thread if you have any questions regarding strategy of material. This forum has helped me get over. I want to pay it forward.

    Congratulations everyone else!


    mad max

    I got a 90 on my first attempt on FAR! WOOHOO!

    This is my second time trying to do the exams and I had never gotten higher than an 88 before, and I had passed the other three sections in 2011-2012.
    I failed FAR 3 times in the past with a 74 EACH TIME before my scores started to expire.

    Now I'm ready to keep working at the same level and get it done!

    WOOHOO! REG HERE I COME (Sorry it's too late for me to type anything else! Will go to bed now!)


    Wow @MadMax, that's outstanding! What a great way to revenge and kill the Beast.

    Indeed, the only way to fail is to quit.

    Go ahead, sleep tight! When you wake up tomorrow, please take some time off to write and post your strategies to share with us.



    Passed FAR with an 80, after scoring a 68 back in October.
    I am officially a CPA!!!! Done forever. I will be posting one last time tomorrow to share my experience and my method for raising my score 12 points!!



    took FAR on 1/5. I was sick as a dog the 2 nights before and might have had 3 hours of sleep the 3 nights before due to some stomach thing. I had a 101 degree fever and felt horrible. It was too close to exam day to reschedule. I took a break between every testlet and spent 10 minutes in the bathroom.

    holy moly if I pass it will be a miracle.

    While I physically felt horrible, I felt “ok” about the material. Hopefully, I wasn’t just delusional.

    This was a retake. I got a 62, 70, 72 and 73 the last time. I had passed all 3 of the others and then lost BEC, but took it again and re-passed that one. Now, I’ve lost REG with my 73 in November 2016. I have to pass REG before the end of Feb or I lose AUD.

    I have started studying again for REG.

    I passed FAR!!!!! by some miracle, I got a 75!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!

    congrats to everyone who passed any of these beasts!


    @mjbey1s please share your wisdom, por favor. I got NINJA Plus, notes, audio and MCQ and have been listening to NINJA audio on my commute to work everyday and back and forth. I was reading NINJA notes everyday and writing them but now Jeff through in a freebie so I picked up the videos and have been watching them for specific sections of the B/S and taking my own notes. Scheduled my exam for 3/9 so am doing about 60 MCQ a day and going to give myself a good hard week to review. Any tips on how you increased your score 12 pts would be greatly appreciated. P.S. I am a visual learner.



    @cruzer, I posted a separate thread called “How I raised my FAR score 12 points and became a CPA”. Comment on there if you have any other questions!



    I sat for FAR in late October 2016. What a trip. The first testlet was fine and then the second and third testlets seemed to get “easier”. Needless to say, I got worried because of the adaptive nature of the test. I finished the third tetlet with a few minutes to spare. Started SIMS right on schedule and that's when everything fell apart.

    I was aware of my time, but let the SIMS suck me in to their vortex. I swear, they're an alternate reality. The next thing I knew, I had like 30 minutes to finish three-four more problems. My heart just sank. I did my best, but honestly, at the end I was just populating the fields with wild guesses. It was a mess.

    I came home and cried. I'm talking big belly busting sobs and wads of soggy tissue followed by absolute exaustion. I just knew that if I passed, it was due to divine intervention. Who knows? Maybe it was. Anyway, it was a really horrible evening.

    Despite it all, I woke up the next morning and started studying for AUD. I checked NASBA on Nov 22nd and saw an advisory score of 80 for FAR. I screamed, fell to the floor, got up and ran around the house screaming like I was teenager at a Prince concert. I'm sure my neighbors thought I was nuts. I know you all can relate in a way. It's a feeling like no other.

    (I won't go into the mild panic that rose over the words “advisory score” after the fact. I'm sure many of you can relate to that, too.)

    I sat for AUD yesterday. I'm optimistic and the glow of passing FAR on the first try is still with me. Thanks for reading my post. Congratulations to everyone here. We have slayed the dragon!

    FAR: 80 (10/28/2016)
    AUD: DSD (Dragon Slayer Deployed) (2/6/2017)
    REG: DSIT (Dragon Slayer in Training) (5/2017)
    BEC: DSIW (Dragon Slayer in Waiting) (7/2017)



    I can't believe I'm finally done!! @floreat I had a similar experience with FAR and I ended up with a 78. I usually have headaches after each exam but FAR's was by far the worst (pun intended lol). I was sure that I needed a miracle to pass cos my sims were really from hell but somehow I passed. I immediately got on my knees and just thanked and Praised God. I couldn't even go to sleep after I checked my score, I keep re-checking it because I honestly can't believe I'm done. Plus my BEC score was expiring at the end of the month so failing FAR would have put me in a really sticky situation. I honestly think it is important to just keep going and make sure you answer every single question, even if you fill with random numbers. And make sure you don't neglect the research part because I believe it was part of what helped me pass. So practicing a few research questions would def be helpful.

    Good luck to those of you still in the process of studying!! Remember to never give up!!!



    I am so glad to join this treat. I got 80, paaaassed! 🙂


    All of these posts saying they thought they failed and made high 70s-low 80s make me feel a lot better. One more day and a long night of drinking away…



    uggggh I don't see any similar experiences with my exam…making me nervous as hell.


    Bump for score release




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