How many study hours is definitely enough to pass AUD?

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    I hear so many people smarter than me that fail AUD once or twice. I have taken only one Auditing college class in my life and that was online. My real-world experience in auditing in almost zero since I worked as an Accounting Analyst and only helped out the Auditing Department at my job. I am good at simple regurgitation of memorizing facts or definitions, but I suck at Debits and Credits, journal entries, bonds, leases, pensions. I failed FAR with a 60 the first time and haven't taken it a 2nd time yet. In your best estimate, how many hours should I study for AUD so I don't have to retake it??? Note: I will be using Yaeger Homestudy and Wiley Test Bank for my study materials. Thank you.



    Remember it's not about the amount of hours but the quality of time you put in. What is your schedule like, how many hours are you able to get in a day?



    Peanut did you find the AICPA released questions for Audit useful in reviewing for the exam? Also, what study materials are you using?


    @peanut or anyone else reading this…My schedule is free to study as much as I want. I'd say 4-5 hours a day is about as much as I'd like to do, after 4-5 hours my brain is warped and I need to rest and get away from it. I knew nothing about Govt or Non-Profit, yet after Wiley and Yaeger, they are the easiest parts to me because it is all theory questions with no confusing dates to keep track of and calculations.

    Does the AUD section have easier concepts to grasp and understand than FAR. I ask because It took me forever to understand the concepts for FAR. I'd say FAR covers about 5-6 college courses of material while the AUD section probably covers 2 college courses, I'm a correct? Please give me your opinion.


    @14 It depends on who you ask. I personally find the material in AUD a heck of a lot easier than FAR, partially because there is so much less material to study. BUT that's no reason to take it any less seriously than any other section. It's still going to be tricky and still going to have minute details that could be the difference between passing and failing. Like Peanut said, just make sure your study time is quality study time and take time to understand the concepts rather than just trying to memorize.



    The review course I'm taking now suggests about 110 hrs, so you're looking at 3 hrs a day for about a month. The entire course is about 55 hrs and they suggest going through the material twice. I'm using an MP3 lecture course, Gleim SIM wizard and MCQ download for additional work/support.

    I'm in the same situation (I'm concurrently taking an auditing class @ a CC) and have learned absolutely nothing at the CC. The CC class is beyond remedial and I learned more in the first 20 minutes of the review course. I just need the auditing credit to sit.

    If you can study 4-5 hrs a day for over a month, you should be fine. If you study that much and fail it, it sounds like you may need to try a different review or take an upper-class auditing course.



    @14 We are very similar – I would say you're definitely in a better position than I was to pass this exam and I passed the exam with a 75. I wasn't an accounting major, only had marketing internship experience, I hate studying and lose focus after an hour, horrible at debits/credits, but I would say my memorizing ability is above average.

    Personally, I felt AUD was more common sense/memorizing than actually “understanding” the concepts. You will be OK with a month of study but make those hours count. I could have easily failed but you don't want to be borderline like I was. Considering we share the same strengths and weaknesses, you will definitely pass AUD if you studied just as hard as you did with FAR. Remember FAR is more challenging for us and had a lot more material to cover so don't get discouraged since you got a 60 on FAR.


    @sdtrojan1904 That's ironic, I was first a Marketing major in college. I couldn't find any high-paying jobs with Marketing, so I then majored in Finance and Accounting to make real money. Marketing came the easiest to me out of all business majors but it's also considered an easy major and thus the reason for low pay. I always knew Accounting was a smart career to get into but avoided it because I knew how boring and analytical it can be.



    What a coincidence cus I'm coveting that high pay too. But there you go, just think of me if you are ever doubting yourself or worried about AUD because “smarter” people have failed that section. If I can pass it, you certainly can too.

    Good luck, though I don't think you'll be needing it.


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    I am not sure how long it will take a person to pass AUD since it really depends on how your professor teaches you at school, how long ago since you took your last AUD class at school, your work experience, your effert to put into studies. You should modify your study strategies based on your self-test results and each time you take real exams and fail. Good luck on your studies!



    I work full-time and slack part-time. I studied for Audit in about 4 weeks. I found that some of the stuff was common sense and like you, I am good at memorizing facts or definition. Audit didn't have a lot of journal entries IMO. If you have 4-5 hours a day, then you should definitely do just fine.

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