How much have you spent so far on this exam?

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    Hopefully, this isn't too personal, but about how much have you spent or did spend on passing the CPA exam between the exam fees and study materials?

    I think I'm at $2600 so far between CPAexcel and exam fees for BEC and FAR. I probably wasted some money paying for the Platinum CPAexcel course.


    The link below is the link to the comparison chart – it will give you a good idea on how much each review course is.

    I am studying with Becker, add exam fees and a couple of Ninja audios and ouch…

    Sticky Nicky
    Sticky Nicky

    $1800 roger, $1300 exam fees,,$200 Ninja MCQs,,,$2000 liquor,,,$500 doctor fees from stress related hemmeroids,,$1000 chain smoking cigarettes,,,$5000 for liposuction due to gaining 50 lbs,,loss of social life=priceless


    Sticky Nicky, that cracked me up!


    $50,000 for psychiatric therapy due to depression, self-doubt, and suicidal thoughts over trying to pass these stupid exams haha just kidding of course.

    I've spent maybe $2,800 for Roger plus the exam fees. I imagine I will spend another $1,000 on retakes and state board fees. I haven't even taken REG yet but the NTS is going to expire soon.
    I already paid for it but won't have enough time to study for it before the NTS expires. Anyway though, the CPA is a much cheaper thing to get than most other certifications.
    That's why I decided to do it – because it's affordable…knock on wood. I know people on here who have dropped $10,000+. I respect them. I hope I don't get into that situation though because that, I CAN NOT afford.



    1000 ish on exam fees
    220 on study guides
    500 on wileys TB
    188 on Ninja MCQ

    Hopefully I'll get out of here spending less than 2K.



    Somewhere between 4 grand to 4500 I'd guesstimate. Between review courses, and sitting for the exam a bunch of times. I started back in 2014 but didn't pass my first part until January of 2016



    1600 on Roger
    2000 on exam fees
    at least 500 on Ninja products
    200 on Gleim tb for REG

    Going to cost me a lot more for a divorce attorney and child support if I don't pass REG this time!



    This thread comes up every 6 months or so. If you search you'll find a couple good threads from past candidates to compare to. I'm in the same boat as Iceman and Re2pect, probably around $4-5g. I received a half off “scholarship” for Becker which helped but after supplementing with Ninja products and exam retakes it definitely has added up.



    Between the review materials, testing fees, and a couple of rescheduling fees, I'm in for $4,000.


    Good Lordy Me

    W having to go back to school to get hrs needed, study material and test fees I'm close to 10K. Ouch!


    1,400 for CPAexcel. 650ish for exam fees (2 NTS, and app fees). About 260 for Ninja products. I supect I'll be over 3k when its all said and done.


    T Rev

    Around $1,000 so far in application and exam fees. Around $400 in study material. As an underpaid recent grad with a family to support, I am very grateful for the reasonable pricing of Ninja products.

    Many thanks to Jeff! “You're doin' God's work, son!”

    (Apologies to anyone who decides to find that offensive. As someone who grew up in the poorest part of Kansas, I attended church growing up and heard that phrase used often for much lesser acts.)



    I would rather not think about it, but my company will pay when I eventually pass this thing…



    Good lord, I don't want to think about it. Subscribing to prep courses, letting them lapse as I don't pass. Registering and not passing, etc.

    Good thing I'm not a big spender otherwise! I can just pretend I spent $1000 on the CPA and the rest on going out and having fun… except without the fun.



    Estimates of course:
    -$1,400 for Roger
    -$47 for Ninja
    -$6,000 for tuition/books so far to hit the 150 requirement. About another $1,500 to go in tuition/books.
    -$1,000 exam fees

    So about $8,500 so far but this summer I should be joining the $10k train! Choo choo!


    I was more along the lines of $5k-$6k. That comprises of Roger, Exam fees, reschedules, NINJA materials I added, Ethics test, license fee, and other misc items. I kept track of all the expenses. If you ask me if it was worth it, absolutely.

    Sad thing is I have yet to pony up the money for a nice frame for my license because it's too expensive haha.


    @re2pect, I'm right there with you man, LOL! With me never wanting to be bothered or snapping when I'm in the middle of a tough question, and her being “bored” because I'm sitting at home on her day off “doing nothing”, I may be facing the same If I don't get over the hump this window.

    On topic

    Exam Fees

    1,393 – FAR and Aud
    1,400 – REG and BEC
    99 – Virginia App fee
    200 – (New Virginia app retake fees, 7 retakes, 3 nex exams)

    Study Materials

    600 – Gleim Materials Reg and Aud (Expired)
    1,200 – Gleim Materials (REg, Aud, BEC, and FAR)
    282 – Ninja MCQ REG (2x), BEC (3x), FAR (2x)
    329 – Ninja Notes (including buying Reg twice for updates)
    97 – Ninja FAR book
    650 – Roger (Aud, failed, Expired)
    225 – Roger Cram (Reg, failed, expired)
    100 – Wiley Focus Notes
    100 – Wiley Text (Aud, BEC, REG)

    Grand Total – Roughly 6,675 (I'm sure that I'm forgetting something)


    I spent a LOT so I'm not even counting…….luckily work paid for Becker but it is about to expire. I'd say over 5K including the becker software but it is prob more like 6000+ and I am not done yet.

    ALSO @Sticky Nicky HAHAHHAHAHAH TRUTH – if we factor in the amount of booze, taco bell, and mcdonalds……….prob like 10K


    I have spent 1800 on Wiley platinum, 200 on Ninja MCQs, around 100 for first time application, 150 for 3 NTS and around 1000 for 5 attempts. Therefore, around 3100 total…I would have saved 1800 if I knew back then that Ninja MCQs was all I needed.


    I ended up just under $3,000 all-in. Got myself a 0% introductory rate Chase credit card and put every exam expense on that. Also helps that I was able to finish in 7 months and sold my remaining 1 year Roger course access/books on eBay for $750 (shhh). Paying it off with tax refund this month as the interest is about to kick in. #winning!



    I made a spreadsheet. I'm looking at another $130 for the actual licensing fee and already paid $143 fee for this CC class that I had to take.

    But you're not counting the gas, the coffee house visits, all the caffeine drinks, and whatnot costs of studying. So yes, while I do think this license was relatively cheaper for me than others, I also know that I utter everyone's pain that it is NOT cheap…..


    Oh cr@p, I completely forgot to add the cost of additional credits that I will need to get in order to get licensed. I think I might be in the range of $8-$9K.

    By then I will definitely need to up my pharmaceuticals so I have to add that to the total.



    Yeah im about 20 credits short myself. Cross that bridge when I get to it I suppose, focus on this last exam then I'll worry about that



    Counting my masters degree, I think my out of pocket was around $7500. Tuition reimbursement and not having any retakes certainly helped. It was a pain, but best money I ever spent.



    Over 5k including Becker, cpaexcel, ninja products and exam fees. Made it all back after a 15k increase from my promotion to controller. It's worth it people. Do everything in your power to pass the exam..the opportunities are much better as a cpa.



    The real question is how much have you saved by not going out? I saved a ton when I was studying. Lol



    Exam fees alone, that is, Scheduling and re-scheduling fees around 1600. Ninja MCQ around 250. So little under 2k. But expecting to do few more retakes so hopefully won't hit 3k mark.



    Too much to admit….I am looking for a government relief plan…Do anyone have the link?

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