How similar are Becker MCQs to actual CPA exam questions?

CPA Exam Forum AUD AUD Review How similar are Becker MCQs to actual CPA exam questions?

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    How similar are Becker MCQs to actual CPA exam questions? I've heard good things, just wondering if anyone can back this up.


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    In my experience, maybe 5 questions were similiar. The rest came out of nowhere! I couldn't find about 20 of the questions in either Becker of Yaeger/Wiley. Good luck!



    I am studying with Becker, for audit it was right on… literally only study Becker and you'll pass no problem. I did supplement ninja notes for Audit though and it was a nice review. Regulation exam threw curve balls but becker was great. I took FAR before the IFRS changes so i cannot make a comment on that. I took BEC and am waiting on score.. could be a close call felt okay about it… It's just so vast. I think BECKER is awesome! If you do what they tell you and i also take lots of notes and read my notes you will pass. Good luck!


    Most courses (including Wiley) get their MCQs from the same place: the AICPA



    I felt like they were very similar for all sections. It may not be word for word but if you are getting them right on Becker you will know enough of the material to get them right on the exam. Hope that helps.



    You will probably see a question or 2 per exam that is almost exactly the same as a Becker mcq. Many other questions are similar.


    The MCQ's aren't too bad. I thought BEC and AUD were fairly spot-on. But Becker's simulations were awful for me. I've failed REG 3 times with Becker, the simulations are just nothing like the real thing. I've scored 71, 73, and 74. My notices from the examiners say that I am ‘comparable' or ‘stronger' than average on my MCQ, it's my simulations that fail me every time.

    I'm leaning towards Wiley test bank, anyone have any thoughts on that for REG?



    I thought the questions on real exam were a lot simpler in terms of length or details as compared to those on Becker



    I also thought the real exam questions were often simpler than Becker. The questions were very similiar, but I think it's the Audit exam curve that throws people for a loop.



    i think you will get 1 or 2 mcq's/testlet that are straight out of becker. one or 2 questions, maybe a few more, will be completely out of nowhere. the rest will be similar to becker, ask you about something becker has already tested you on in some way. if you do ALL of becker, there should be no more than 4, maybe 6 questions per section that make you say “WTF?!?” i figured those there the test questions.



    @slugger991 yes, i would also agree that real exam q's are easier than becker.


    See Pee A

    The questions overall in Becker are great practice for the exam. In general, a section in Becker is more difficult than a “difficult” testlet on an exam. The Becker homework questions tend to be the more difficult ones that they license from the AICPA. They also pick and choose questions on topics that they feel are important so it's in your interest to really learn as much as you can from the MC homework. Sometimes they throw in a few crazy ones, and you'll know them when you see them, but overall they are solid learning tool.

    The worst mistake you can make with MC is to do them too many times. I see many people on this forum and even friends I know who do them 3-4 times (all of them) and get a false sense of security since they start scoring consistently in the 80s and 90s. Of course, I'm not saying you' shouldn't rework questions, but be sure to guide them or rework sections you want more practice with rather than just doing them all. Good luck!



    Becker MCQ AUD is awesome; I was given good amount of similar questions in the exam. Becker MCQ BEC sucks!! I remembered having only ONE question that is exactly the same as that one the homework questions Becker has. I walked out thinking I may have to retake it.

    Becker FAR and REG are okay. I did not really have good grasp from the first try, but when I failed and had to study for the second time…am more familiar with the materials and I felt much better when I sat for the exams. The MCQ I was given for FAR and REG were not similar to those on Becker, but the knowledge gained from working on Becker MCQ can be applied and get you passing score.

    Good luck!!


    I've taken three exams and on two of them they had a question or two that was literally exactly the same as Becker.

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