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    Ok, so I had Becker previously and that setup was pretty straightforward (given that the instructors would read straight off of the pages in the text) and all…I just picked up Yaeger and started to study for FAR. It is definitely different and not as compartmentalized as I was expecting (I’m only 45 mins into the first lecture so maybe I’ll get the rhythm down soon).

    My question is – for those of you who have Yaeger (either as new to the program or as converts), what is the best way to study with Yaeger? Is it reading the sections in the book first and watching the entire stream of Yaeger videos and then doing MCQs? When is the best time to write notes? For some stupid reason I am just unsure as to how I should approach Yaeger.

    Many thanks in advance!

    Yaeger Website:

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    Are you using anything else with it? (e.g. the ninja notes)

    I switched from Becker (though it was live classes – fast pass) to Yaeger. I just let the lecture run, taking some small notes during the lectures, then go through the MCQ that they go over at the end of each sub-section. After each module or chapter is over, I kind of review those questions, but it’s usually pretty quick. Then after I’ve gotten through each module, I’ll go back over the MCQ’s in the book. I’ll also start writing out the NINJA notes (if you don’t have them, then I’d recommend writing A LOT of notes during the lectures or after if it’s easier to write without the lecture going). After I cover most of the questions in the book, I start doing testlests from the testbank (wiley). I usually do a few of ALL topics, then see where I’m weak and go back and focus on those areas.

    I actually like that Yaeger goes over sims and mcq’s with you in the lecture. They do go overboard a bit in some sections but all in all, it’s much better than Becker just saying, here work these 5 problems and we’ll get back to the book after you’re done. That above study-guide worked for me for BEC, still waiting on AUD and I’ve got 2 more coming up. If I had more time (I really can’t move any of these sections back, my NTS expires in April), I would probably do more MCQ’s after each module – i.e., after module 2, I’d do questions from 1 and 2 to stay fresh, after 3, questions from 1-3. It all depends on your schedule and how much time you have.



    I do not recommend reading anything other than what Yaeger tells you to read.

    While watching the videos:

    1. Take some notes over things they say that are not in the book or on their worksheets. Also, anytime you have one of those moments where a concept you are struggling with clicks write it out because chances are that after a couple of modules you will go back and be clueless again. That helps me when going back for final reviews.

    2. Always attempt the questions Yaeger goes over by your self first. This will help you identify what you do not understand in the question and when Yaeger explains it you should have one of those “clicking” moments I said you should write down above.

    3. The number of MCQs you do will be up to you, the time you have, and your comfort with the material. With FAR I did not have time to do many more MCQs that Yaeger assigned, but I passed.

    I also recommend taking notes over every MCQ you do regardless of whether you get it correct. These notes will make for good cram materials a couple of days before the exam.

    I hope that helps a little.

    Good luck



    Watch the videos in full and just go with it. After a couple videos it will all come together and make sense, then you can get your exact science down.

    I actually emailed Yaeger and both Bonni and Cindy responded. I had asked for a breakdown of what EXACTLY I am expected to do, when to use the Wiley test bank, what is most beneficial, and any other tips. The feedback was AWESOME!

    Bonni emailed me back right away with some tips. Later that night, Cindy emailed and gave me a paragraph answer for each of my one off random questions. I felt so much better, because I had no clue if I was studying correctly before. Of course, I think I waited too long to ask for help. When I had my answers, and started utilizing their responses, I realized I didn’t save enough time for my final MCQ reviews. I think if I had asked for help sooner I would have scored much better.

    Good Luck!

    I’m starting the FAR videos this weekend 🙂 When are you planning to sit?



    Wow!! Thanks so much for all the feedback – I just started watching the video yesterday and was seriously wondering how I was going to map it all out (guess it is good thing to shake things up and switch CPA products when the former isn’t working – more or less).

    I have the 2011 Ninja notes and flashcards that I bought at the end of December – a really good deal which was too good to pass up. I also have Becker flashcards, etc. I don’t want to overload and attempt to make use of various tools from3-4 CPA review programs so I’ll be sticking to Yaeger/Wiley and Ninja for now (seems to be a good combo from what I’ve been seeing here).

    So it seems like I will watch the videos, take notes where applicable, work out the questions before Yaeger solves them to see if I know the material (and write explanations for the questions for those “a-ha” moments), work the test bank MCQ and Sims and try and refresh on previous material as time permits throughout the studying…

    @MCLKT: I am needing to get my stupid NTS done – I’d like to sit at the end of March if at all possible. That would be a little over 7 weeks of studying. Not sure if I should push it though…I have taken FAR already and missed it by a few points and I knew I was seriously lacking in NFP and Government acctg so fingers crossed (and a lot of blood, sweat and tears)! How about you? What’s your plan of attack and timing for the test?



    @MCLKT: Would you mind sharing the email responses from Cindy and Bonni?



    I would like to help as much as possible, but they specifically ask not to share the private communication, so I am going to respect that. 🙂

    My plan of attack, I use Jeff’s study planner to map it out and hold myself accountable. I adjust where needed for my situation. I work full time and am a single parent, so I can’t get through the material as quickly as I would like to. I have set aside 16 weeks to study. I know it seems like a lot, but I only get about 15-16 hrs a week to commit, and I pause the videos a lot to take additional notes and because of interruptions. It takes me about 1.5 – 2 hours to get through one hour of video.

    I’m going to watch the videos (for all modules) and take crazy notes. (I will also review the related flash cards and notes from the Assasin package, as I work through the videos) I have the notes on my cell phone so I am reading them constantly.

    Work all of the MCQ’s assigned (for all modules). Taking notes and spending time to review the concept behind the questions.

    Then I’m going to rewrite all of Jeff’s Assasin Notes.

    I’m going to save the last week to do MCQ’s from Wiley test bank. Practice exams, flash cards, and read the notes, over and over. . . . . .



    That’s cool 🙂 I get the confidentiality aspect…I also understand the working full-time and being a single parent but I do have help here and there with my boys. I respect your choice to allocate your studying time over a longer period due to other priorities such as family and all. I figured that if I got semi-close to passing with only 3-4 weeks put in on the other sections then taking another pass at studying should be what I need to pass the CPA in the next 7 mths.

    Good luck!!!



    I am currently using Yaeger. Since this is my first attempt at taking the exam, I just dove in. Before I started studying I created a syllabus for myself so that I would not get behind on the videos. I try to watch somewhere between 5 and 7 hours a week. It’s challenging since I am also working fulltime. After I watch the videos and take some light notes, I review what was discussed on the video. At the end of each module, I go back and do the MCQs that they assigned.

    I do MCQs from the Wiley Practice Test Bank during my lunch break. This helps keep everything in my mind since I go through many different modules on any given day.

    Right now I do not study on Fridays or on Sundays and I am still feeling burnt out. I am taking a trip home to see family in a couple weeks and decided against bringing my books so I can refresh and come back hitting it at full speed.

    I still have a few months before the exam and am still trying to restructure my study schedule so I am comfortable the material. It’s proving to be quite the daunting task but I’m glad I found this website so I don’t feel so alone. 🙂



    I passed AUD earlier this year with Yaeger. I work full time, so I spaced out my studying so that I would get to work really early, study 1-1.5 hrs; eat lunch at my desk and study 30 mins – 1hr, then go home and study at least 2 hours M-F. Sat and Sun, I tried to knock out about 4 hrs early in the morning, and then if I had time another hour or two during the day Sun. I went through the videos and stopped to take notes along the way. I then went back and read the highlights of each chapter and did the MCQ and Sims that they suggested. I ended up feeling pretty confident going into the exam. I thought Yaeger did a good job explaining the material and going over questions/simulations. I also recommend calling them. Each time I called, they were always really helpful and eager to answer questions.

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