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    Ok, here I am laid of again for the 3rd time!!! I was wondering, has anyone ever gone through the HR block tax course class? Do you feel it was a waste of time? Did it help in any way? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!



    Hey, Magic!

    Sorry to hear you got laid off.

    Yes, I did the H&R Block class when I first decided to do taxes. It was great. It really taught me the basics.

    We started with very simple returns and would do them all manually. That's the best way to learn for me.

    Now I'm spoiled with my software 😉



    Does HandR block gaurantee job placement after you take the course? How does that work, you pay for the course and hope they hire you at the end?



    damn son it must be hard out there.


    I took their course, I think it was three years ago, right before I got into grad school. My intention was to use it for the internship requirement for an undergrad degree, but I was exempted from that requirement (no internship for grad school).

    I went every Saturday for almost the entire fall. The following spring I had Tax I and breezed through it. I found out I didn't need an internship about two days before H&R Blocks final exam and ended up not taking it. I figured my time would be better spent sleeping in. They were offering $10/hr, at that time I think they were offering CPA's about $15/hr. I think the course cost me about $150….it was worth it I guess to get the basics down.

    You earn the title, “tax professional” or something like that when you finish. At that time they were doing those instant returns (not sure if they can anymore). Anyways, I didn't agree with ripping off low income taxpayers by offering a ridiculous interest rate to receive their money instantly, rather than waiting 10-14 days…Not to mention the rates they charge for simply having an additional schedule to their return. Also, they told me I would probably be stationed at a Walmart during tax season…umm, no thanks.

    Where I took the course they did offer you a job (for the tax season only) if you pass their course and you don't drool on yourself. All the strip mall H&R Blocks in this city are only open mid-January to mid-April.

    Don't sell yourself short, you passed the CPA exam. There are better places to work, tax season is still a long ways off…Good luck out there.



    I thought about going the HR Block route, luckily I didn't. I had a friend who did it, and basically warned me to stay far away, yeah you may learn about Tax in their courses, but when you work there in order to make any $ you have to push the products they offer like loans/audit protection etc. You basically end up being a tax telemarketer.



    I took the HRB tax class last fall and worked there during tax season. Where I live they pay 1st year tax pros $8 an hour. I definitely learned some things and I met some great people. However, what JWS said about marketing was true. They were constantly pushing us to make phone calls and scour the shopping plaza for people who wanted to have their taxes done. Fortunately, last year HRB did not offer any loan products for rapid refunds. There is no way that I could offer anyone those as they are a big rip off.



    Has anyone used their experience from the HandR class to pick up some side work? Did you feel the class helped you enough to do other's taxes, or does having the right software pretty much make it easy to do without knowing all the tax rules?


    What I was wondering is after getting into the course and paying the initial fee, is there a fee that must be paid to take the final test for the H&R Block course? I might me taking this through my college and am worried about extra costs I can't afford. Also I was told they make you sign a contract saying you can't work for another tax company for 2 years, is this only if they hire you? I honestly don't want to work for them. I am getting college credit for the class and an internship doing payroll taxes. This class would just help me with the basics needed.



    For those not looking for a paycheck…

    Have you guys looked into the VITA program? It's low income tax prep service. I went to 3 training sessions and they go through the 1099-r, 1099ez, and software training (using the IRS system).. I think. And then during tax session you're allowed to volunteer as much as you can/want.

    I heard you're paired up with a partner and just do tax returns all day. It helps the community and at the end of the day they give you a time sheet that tells you how many hours you've volunteered for.. so you can put that on your resume.

    If you're looking for a job… this might be a good place to help you with networking.

    For myself, I didn't do any volunteer work last year because I got super lazy lol. But I should have. I decided this next year I'll definitely try to do at least two 8 hour weekends.



    VITA program sounds great. Thanks ROACH! I plan to do volunteering after I pass. Initially my intention was to join H&R too. But now I am wiser. Thank God!

    I was thinking of volunteering at the Red Cross too. Does anything think that is a good idea? By the way, I do not have too much exp and I don't know what line I should choose – tax or auditing. So I am thinking I will volunteer and find out.



    Hello Everyone,

    I am interested to volunteer in the VITA program, do you know how to apply? I am in Utah. Please advise



    Google gave me this:

    I know some students at my college did this and I am interested in it, but tax season and audit season run together and I am doubting I will have the time…



    In California, you can sign up to volunteer and take an online training course through the state franchise tax board website. I've also seen sign ups at college campuses.



    I did Vita one semester. It was a requirement for my Individual Tax class, which was taught by a CPA who was also a PhD and JD. He was an idiot. I learned more about Federal Taxation at H&R Block.

    Vita is a great experience though!


    Hey allyson,

    when did you become a mod?? I have been following your blog. I am a lurker on here postings are very light. I am focused on finding a job. What software do you use at work that has you spoiled????

    Everyone else,

    I did VITA after I graduated and my experience was like allyson's….it was ok. I didnt have any training. He basically threw me in there like bam you were an excellent student, I know you can do this.

    As for HR Block, I was hoping to pick up some skills, apply for my number thru the IRS, and then do people's taxes in the neighborhood. People just assume that I can do taxes because of the designation, but i have a super simple return and it's all I really do. (Which is why I stole that persons siggy from this site…You mention the bar exam…people get excited…you mention the CPA exam…”what’s that…is it hard???…so you can do my taxes!!!”)

    I do want to thank you guys as always I find your opinions invaluable!!!

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