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    I've been working at my current job for 1 year and 4 months. The firms comprises of 6 people total. 2 partners, 1 receptionist, and 3 accountants (me being one of them). The firm only works on tax returns so there is no audit work. I don't enjoy where I work in large part due to both of the partners. To stop my rambling short, I was contacted by another firm a couple of days ago and I went to an in-person interview. This firm comprises of only the owner of the firm, and two other accountants. The pay is much better than where I currently work. Almost $10k more. It's also closer to my home and the owner of the firm seems like a much nicer person overall than my current bosses. I felt like the interview went really well and he himself said I'm perfect for the job. My question is, if I'm offered the position, is it wrong of me to leave my current employer right before tax season starts. If I give them 2 weeks notice I'll be laving right around the end of January. I know at the end of the day I need to look out for myself, but I feel like I'm supposed to be loyal to my current firm knowing that they aren't/won't be loyal to me.


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    Leave. It is still early enough that they could at least get an intern or someone else in there to train before tax season. Do not pass up on your happiness!

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    @PackerBacker12 Consider what would be in your best interest. I agree with @Mission CPA. If things work out for you, and you work your 2 weeks notice, people will probably look favorably on you, and I doubt you'd burn any bridges. Working where you aren't happy can be risky. I have many of those days where I'm at; but as I can mention, I keep looking. Hang in there no matter where you may find yourself.

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    Leave. I second that it is still early enough for your current firm to get more help. At the end of the day you want to love going to work, and who you work with can make or break that. Besides if you don't exactly like your current partners, then you wouldn't want to go back anyways, meaning that even if you burn the bridge it really doesn't matter. Also $10k is a huge jump in pay (at least to me it would be). Just be sure to keep expectations real, b/c the grass is always greener on the other side.

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    Go. It's nice that you are considering how things will go for your current employer if you should leave, but they have some responsibility for making it a work environment that you want to be in and it doesn't sound like that's happened. If the shoe were on the other foot and they were thinking of downsizing, would they consider your life circumstances before letting you go? Probably not.

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    If they pay you 10k more then you might end up working much later hours. Sounds like reason for leave is for quality of life. In that case, you should check to see how much more/less you would be working for that extra 10k. It may not be worth it. And there are no bridges to burn with only 1 year at your current firm, no1 will care that you left and life will go on.

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