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    I studied FAR for 4 over four months, keep in mind it was my first section ever. I had an extremely rough time in the beginning but slowly got better. My Becker mock exams were horrendous, (55, 54, and 69 and i think i got lucky on the last one). On the actual test, I thought the multiple choice were ok, definitely some tricky questions. For some reason, my 2nd test booklet I found easier than my first. One of the simulation booklets was a legit massacre to my self esteem. The last 2 booklets were ok but not great. I finished the test surprisingly. Does anyone else have a similar experience? I feel like I could have gotten anywhere from a 50-80 as my score.

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    @Andrewmarii Sorry about your test experience. Far is not a cake walk, but four months is absolutely too long to study. (for course, do what you have to do). You won't know if you passed until score release. I know you know that, and there is no reason to sit and worry. You could wait on score release or prepare for the next part. Good luck.

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