If the Earthquake/Hurricane affects your testing, read this.

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    This is a nightmare. This had to happen during the time I'm scheduled to take the exam. The first big hurricane in decades and it has to happen in the year I'm dedicating myself to this test. The world is after me!!!



    Ah yes CPAMan, the world is shaping itself around you. 😉 lol Maybe a little dramatic there!


    CP EH

    I'm testing in Warwick, Rhode Island (appx. 8 miles from the Atlantic) on August 31st. I called Prometric tonight and asked them how potential rescheduling would work since we are at the end of the July/August testing window. Obviously, we wouldn't be charged a rescheduling fee, but we would have to wait until October to reschedule because September is an off month.



    Yeah right?? Of all the times for Massachusetts to get hit with a hurricane it's got to be when I'm taking my last (hopefully anyway) section…grrr…

    I'm on for Monday 8/29…here's hoping the power stays on and the testing center stays open!! 😀



    DIdn't the window get extended a few days into a closed month (March 2010) to reschedule exams canceled due to snow ?



    @pink – that's what I was going to say. Sometimes NASBA/AICPA/Prometric extends the window.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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