Is this what NJ CPA license looks like? seriously?

CPA Exam Forum I PASSED! HIYA!!! Ethics Exam, CPA Certificates, Work Experience & Licensure Is this what NJ CPA license looks like? seriously?

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    I received a letter from New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs the other day. It was just like a plain billing letter with both left and right sides are tearable to open the letter.

    Within that letter, to my surprise, there was my CPA license. It was disappointing rather than exciting. My license was like 5×4 size piece of paper. It didn't even have gold-seal like other certificates. And there was a business-card-size registration card, proving that I am NJ CPA. But it was also printed in the same piece of paper in the letter.

    My wife is NY CPA, her CPA license looks like a diploma from school (it is fancy with seal, and etc). Why NJ CPA license has to look so cheap?

    ……. 🙁

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