Just how important is IFRS for FAR?

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    I know I can't ask about specifics regarding people being tested on IFRS for FAR, but I'm just curious as to how heavily this is being tested during it's first year. I figure as each year passes it'll increase in importance. Considering this is the initial year including IFRS, maybe it's not being tested as heavily? Any thoughts?




    It's always much safer to know both IFRS and GAAP – along with the differences. You never know what they will test. There are similarities with key differences. With a 43% pass rate this year in FAR, doesn't hurt to prepare for the worst.



    Know it. I had more IFRS material than I anticipated on my exam in July.



    Definitely know it. There's more than you probably imagine. No idea if they actually count these questions though.


    Jack Don

    Yes, hell yes know it. I had more question of IFRS than I did Gov't/Nfp. If I don't pass the exam it's because of IFRS.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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