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    Yaeger will arrive for me this Friday. I passed my first test (Auditing) using Gleim, but it's about to expire. Could anybody with Yaeger give me some advice on how to start studying for “The Beast”. My test is on Aug 12th and I think it will be a miracle if I could pass this with only 200 hours. I'm averaging about 40% on MC questions using Gleim at the moment. From what I could see, I will be using an online teacher and a textbook. Welcome back college.

    Any advice will be GREATLY APPRECIATED


    Check out this article: https://www.another71.com/how-to-pass-the-cpa-exam/

    I wrote it with Yaeger FAR in mind, actually.


    200 hours is plenty if you allocate your time accordingly. I would also reccomend setting aside a good 3-4 full days before the exam for a good ol fashioned cram session. I studied for FAR for 1.5 weeks studying 15 hours a day. Granted, I was inbetween jobs at the time, but it is definitely possible.




    You only studied for 1.5 weeks total for FAR? or 1.5 weeks review?



    assistanc0on tyroller how did u study i have 3 weeks that i want torestart to study and cram



    I studied all material in 1.5 weeks. Again, I wouldnt recommend it, but it is possible. I was inbetween jobs and knew that I had a lot riding on this, and buckled down and did what I had to do to pass I guess. Got through all the material in a week, and then crammed hardcore for 4 days before the exam.

    elsie, I started by watching all the lectures. As much of a waste of time as they are, they will help pinpoint what you dont understand. I did all the m.c's after each section. If I felt comfortable and did well on the m.c's, I moved on and never revisited that section (for lack of time's sake). I also took the approach that if I didn't know a section whatsoever, i wasnt going to put a bunch of energy into learning it. IT was those grey areas inbetween that will make you or break you I feel; those that you can prepare for and learn in a couple hours with some hardcore studying. THe last few days were spent on becker final reveiw and becker final test simulations… I wanted to get used to once again how it felt to be timed.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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