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    Tiramisu McNuggetsTiramisu McNuggets

    Hey guys,

    Just took my audit retake. For the sims, when there are multiple boxes going across for one particular question, do u have to get the entire row correct to get credit? becker had it like that on some practice sims and im frustrated because a lot of them i was sure about 3 out of the 4 boxes going across but 1 stumped me and id be pissed if that 1 box causes the other 3 to be wrong.

    FAR - 44, 76 (02/2019)

    AUD - 40, 70, 89 (07/2019)

    BEC - 65, 65, Rematch (01/2020)

    REG - (03/2020)


    You will be happy to know you don't have to get the entire row correct like Becker says. However, certain cells are valued higher than others. I think Jeff even made a video on this topic confirming with the AICPA, which is definitely a relief.

    FAR - 81
    REG - 89
    AUD - 86
    BEC - 92

    I second what Jex said.

    AUD - 86
    BEC - 87
    FAR - 87
    REG - 84
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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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