Last exam and second guessing if I should reschedule or take it on 1/17

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    My advice is going to run counter to all the people who say push it back. I say take it. After passing FAR and REG thus far and spending about two months a piece, to hell with it.
    Understand the fundamentals and trust what you've learned. I've seen some of the random WTF curveball questions that you would never be prepared for in a million years. The random question from the last line of the middle of a page in Becker. A question you figure ehh they'll never test me on that. I've seen some minutae being tested on both FAR and REG. And I know because I have sort of a photographic memory. So I see some of the questions and I ignore them, trying to understand the big concepts. And then those are the little details you get hammered on.
    Your memory registers are limited. And unless you have nothing else in life, then the knowledge is perishable fast. Hell you wont remember half the crap you read this morning.

    Understand the concepts from whatever review course, go in and do the best you can. But spending months reviewing is a waste of time. You'll constantly be trying to remember stuff you studied weeks ago. Make the study time frame short and intense.

    Damn it. i want my life back and I'm taking a full 12 credit graduate class load plus studyijg for AUD and BEC.

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Viewing 31 post (of 31 total)

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