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    So I just came back from the Prometric Center – I was scheduled today to take BEC at 9:00… My launch code did not work. I thought maybe I wrote it down wrong. NOPE. The admin. comes over and tries – still did not work. She reset the exam and it still did not work. I called NASBA and Prometric and both were closed OF COURSE. She felt so bad and didn't know what to do as she has never seen this before.

    NASBA opens tomorrow at 5pm so I am calling them then – I have never heard of such a thing. Has anyone ever heard of this?

    I'm super upset as you can imagine – not being able to take an exam for when it is scheduled and for no reason on my part.


    This unfortunately did happen to me once. What had happened was I printed out my NTS, then the great testing Blackout of 2017 happened. A new NTS and code was generated after my initial NTS. I was extremely fortunate to be able to look up the code and write it down in front of prometric staff on day of testing.


    I went in with a launch code that didn't work. I got on my phone and saw a second NTS was sent with a different number.
    But when it comes to prometric, I've experienced three issues that really messes with you, this was all before the latest update but:
    1. I showed up, got about five minutes into the exam and the power went out in the entire city – I got to study again and do that all over.
    2. My exam crashed three times. The same test would do this weird glitchy thing where I'd select one answer and a different answer would get selected instead. I was like man is God trying to send me a message that I was picking the wrong answer or something. Basically, it completely messed with my mind and it was horrible.
    3. The day before I got super sick and was still throwing up before the exam, I didn't want to waste my money so I went in. Not even half way through the 2nd testlet, I had to run out of the room for the garbage – I barely made it. To which I was informed I couldn't proceed with testlet 2, I had to move on to the third testlet.

    Good luck though! I know it can mess with you have certain expectations and they aren't met. Did you end up getting it rescheduled?

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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