Likely salary range given my experience?

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    After spending 13 years in commercial banking as an underwriter and a portfolio manager, I decided to get my CPA credential. My degree was in Economics, so I had to take a bunch of classes to qualify for the CPA exam, and have a 3.95 in my accounting courses.

    I currently live in the midwest, and have a decent job working remotely, and I realize I'm too old to start a Big 4 career. I'm just trying to see if going “all the way” into accounting would make financial sense.

    Any idea what a reasonable salary range would be for my situation?

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    Howdy, I also majored in Economics and started my first job in banking. It is sad to say but the two fields don't really have anything in common, so you will most likely be starting from the bottom of the barrel (AR/AP specialist, or staff accountant if you pass your CPA exams) Here in California you are looking at 50-60k for an entry level accounting job so I assume it will be lower in the Midwest.

    Hope that helps

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    Im gonna piggyback on you all here, as im an economics grad 2016, but have been working my way into accounting as an accounting clerk at a private company with about 75 employees. I would love to hear more about how your educational/professional experiences led to an accounting path. I am yet to apply to an accounting program, but want to progress in accounting and possibly sit for the CPA exam. Any insights you wish to share please do, I am desperate to get as many outlooks and perspectives as i can before deciding my next big steps.


    I would check and and see what the pay level is for your region. Where I live it is showing a median salary of $55k for an entry level accounting position so I’m assuming that a CPA would start out $5k to $10k higher than that. I think your work experience should help set you apart from someone who is just starting out with no professional work experience and that might help your starting salary as well.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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