Liquidating Dividends

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    Hi all, can anyone tell me why liquidating does not affect RE in Q1, but it does in Q2? Thank you.

    Q1: A corporation declared a dividend, a portion of which was liquidating. How would this declaration affect each of the following?
    Answer: APIC – Decrease, RE – Decrease
    Q2: Ole Corp. declared and paid a liquidating dividend of $100,000. This distribution resulted in a decrease in Ole's:
    Answer: PIC – Yes, RE – No



    Regular dividends reduce RE. Liquidating dividends are a return of capital, so they reduce APIC.
    The key here is that Q1 is a portion liquidating (and presumably, a portion regular). Thus the liquidating portion reduced APIC while the regular portion reduces RE.
    The Q2 dividends is just liquidating. Thus it only reduces APIC, and not RE.

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    Ahhhh… I see it now. Thank you Chandler.



    Ahhhh… I see it now. Thank you, Chandler.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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