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    I had passed FAR, BEC and REG but I just found out I got a 73 on Audit (after my 4th try) and therefore lost credit for FAR. Has anyone ever contacted their state board (i'm in California) and requested an extension for the score they lost so they can take the last exam again (in my case AUD) and it was granted given how close you were to passing their last exam before they lost credit? I need advise on how to handle this situation. A part of me just wants to give up and be done with this whole thing. I can't imagine studying for AUD and FAR again.


    Jimmy Dugan

    Without a hardship of some kind, like a severe medical issue, I don't know that you can get an extension. Almost passing for sure isn't going to work.

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    Would it make any difference if it took 2 months to receive the result of my FAR exam?



    No. Two years ago, waivers were offered when the new exam was introduced and scores were withheld for three months — but ONLY for reasonable circumstances. For example: you sat for an exam in April; you already had credit for three other exams, with the the “oldest” expiring July 31st. Your score would normally be released in May, and if you failed, you'd reasonably be able to re-take the exam you failed in July. Thus, when your failing score was released in August, a waiver would be issued if requested. Waiting two months for your FAR score would have no impact, if you had other exams, since you reasonably could've prepared for another exam in that time period. Waivers are incredibly rare and under justified circumstances. Retaking FAR sucks, but you probably retained more than you think.



    More than likely won't get an extension. My $0.02: Wallow in self-pity for well on through the weekend, wake up Monday morning, and start studying FAR. Might sound crazy since you've been going so hard on AUD, but AUD will feel like a breeze right AFTER FAR. Good luck!

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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