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    Hello all,
    i am to reappear for the BEC exam in oct but my motivation levels are so low. I am a stay at home mom and keeping myself disciplined and dedicated sometimes seems too hard. its already mid of sept and i dont feel like studying at all. i feel im not retaining anything. 🙁 please suggest me ways i can get back to work and hopefully pass this one.

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    Hello Red07,

    At the end of the day you don't have to become a CPA, it should not be make or break your happiness in life. If you want to put it down to put more time into your family, hats off to you I respect it. I will not lie to you, your current motivation level will not get you through this process. I am myself a slower learner so I know how much work it takes to put into these exams, but people who are stay at home moms, people who work 70+ hours a week, going through divorces, or all the above have all passed with the discipline. If nothing is clicking for you comprehension wise, then go through each module slower. Its ok if you do one module a day at first, everyone has their own pace. It's all a matter of how much you want it, everyone has felt at some point where they feel like they are in shambles with the material. “There is no such this as failing the cpa exam, there is only such thing as quitting the exam process” (someone said that on here I just can't remember who haha).

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    Start with an area of BEC that interests you. That might help you get back into it. Also set a study time that you stick to, likely best when the kids are sleeping.

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    I've found an anomaly in the Space-Time Continuum. NASBA and the AICPA are in the 19th century. They use slide rules to score the exam, and then they send the scores by Pony Express to the State Boards. That's why it takes so long for them to do a score release.

    I agree with the others, I've been bitten with the low moral bug several times. this morning I couldn't sleep so I decided to read another chapter. It's possible, failure is a bully and it will keep bullying until we pass. So nail down one part at a time. That was another problem I had was rushing. There is no need to rush to fail, but if we pace our study we might not be bitten with non-motivation so easy and it might not last so long. And yes, I'm looking for a pass this time. Keep working, no giving up.

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    I always have low motivation at the beginning of a new section. I don't know how to spark up motivation but what makes me get my act together is setting an exam date, and start taking practice exams and mcq. I hate the lecture and learning piece, I enjoy taking the tests and doing problems bc it is like a game for me. Really there's nothing to it but to do it. Just get in there. oh and I would start studying operations management first. If you're more a math/problem solving person, it is pretty interesting. Hopefully by then the wheels are in motion. Good luck!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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