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    This exam isn't for the weak of heart is one thing I'll say. Since I cannot give away too much I'll try not to say too much. 🙂

    1. I used up all my time. For each testlet I was able to complete it and go over everything before moving on. With that said I took 50 minutes for T1, 60 minutes for T2, 40 minutes for T3 (need less to say the easiest) and 90 minutes for T4.

    2. There were two very unexpected topic with about 8 questions. (FML the exact topic I kept seeing popping up and I kept ignoring.)

    3. The exam can be passed with Wiley alone. (meaning you can save money on becker if needs be)

    4. The sims kicked my ass. I completed q1, then went on to q1 and couldn't find answer for the love of me, moving along I said fml and skipped q3, said fml again and skipped q4, seriously i said fml again and skipped q5. At this point I had 59 minutes to go and I simply wrote off the exam and came to terms with not preparing well enough. I started to curse my strategy (that allowed me to pass aud and bec) and for the first time in a long time I got nervous and uneasy in an exam. I worked my way through q6 (confidence coming back now) and then completed q7. With about 39 minutes to go I went looking for the research answer again. I still couldnt find it and just said F!! it. I put some wrong ASC code in. I then worked my way thru q3-5 and completed everything… conclusion!! I have only 5 to get a passing grade with.

    In conclusion it's a toss up since I felt the very same way after my AUD exam and I passed.



    Thanks for sharing!!!!



    Yea, this was a rough exam. A large part of conquering this exam seems to be in the time management. It wasn't really an issue with the other 3, and I underestimated it on FAR for that reason. I just threw random info into 2 of the sims as I ran out of time. Lesson learned for when I probably have to take it a second time….



    Or maybe not. I passed FAR with 1 sim untouched and 1 sim barely started.

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