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    CPA is a WIP

    Hello all, my life has turned upside down and feel like everything is falling apart. I have need diagnosed with depression, I handed my 2 weeks notice without having another job (comment in a moment), my brother is ill in the hospital and my girlfriend and I are not on good terms. Awhile ago I posted “3 months in and want out”. Well, I've been at this toxic work environment for 1.4 years now as their only accountant and stuck it out. All the belittling, cursing and eating crow! 2 weeks ago I reached my breaking point with this so called “leader”. This is the most bitter person I have ever met in my life!!! That day I had enough of the expletives, defending my self, the feeling awful. So I handed a verbal and written resignation letter on the spot. IDK how quickly I'm going to find employment, but no one deserves to be miserable at work everyday. I hope I can land on my feet. After this week, I'm done with that place! Lastly, I'm non-union employee, so I don't have any backup. Plus this person is buddy buddy with the higher up.


    Hey bro, cheer up. Tomorrow is just another day. Depression is not the end of the world, everyone have up and downs, it will get better. I am sure your brother will be fine. And your girlfriend, think about it this way, she still cares about you, that's why you guys are fighting! If she doesn't care about you, she wouldn't give a ____, and will just simply walk away. Cheer up!

    Why don't you share a little bit more about yourself? Like your state / location? And a little background? So perhaps we can help?

    I've read your previous posts, you are somewhere around Ohio? Near Columbus? It looks like you are interested in governmental accounting? Have you consider working for non-profit instead? 5 years of accounting experience… you are about the same age as I am!

    NY - Passed CPA. In searching for the experience.

    Life can suck for sure. I recently had a personal problem which made me postpone the start of this CPA process. All we have to do is buckle up and next person up. I know it's easy to say, but that's the reality. We will have ups and downs and you will get back up. If you and your GF still like and/or love each other, fight what you can in order to salvage the relationship. It's all about quieting the storm. Do know that sooner or later you'll land something new in the work standpoint. If you have the support in your end, gotta strive hard in order to not continue being depressed. Keep your head up and do know that there is always light outside the tunnel.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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